Biggest Problem for Your Business & How to Fix It

In your business world, the fact is that there will always be some type of problems that will need to be fixed and prevent future occurrences in your company. But, it is not the biggest one for your business.

The biggest problem is something else. It is something much more dangerous for your company. Something in more than 90% of small businesses leads to sure failure of the company. What is more important is that most entrepreneurs simply aren’t even aware of the existence of such a problem.

Now, what is the biggest problem for your business? This is the most critical question that I will try to answer here.

Simply, the biggest problem is that you do not see any problems in your business.

How much quickly you become aware of the existence of this problem in your company, the more possibilities you will have to bring your company in the right way that leads to success.

So, the next question is, how can you fix it?

I will try to answer this question with the reasons for the existence of the biggest problem in your company, and you can fix it simply by removing these reasons.

1. You have not succeeded in building and integrating problem-solving culture into your whole company.

First, you will need to be aware that there will always be problems in your company. Simply, all problems are possibilities for improvements. Solutions are improvements. That’s a fact that can’t be ignored if you want your company to be a successful company. You know that there are always problems, and one of your most significant responsibilities is to work on the solution to those issues. It’s simply the cycle of continuous improvements.

2. You are simply not clear about what you want to achieve with your company.

You can’t start solving problems if you don’t have goals that clearly describe yours wants for future achievements. Where are you looking for your company in the future? What do you want to achieve in the future? Solving problems only because you want to prevent or stop their consequences is not enough without including much broader aspects that come from the goals facing your company.

3. You don’t use system thinking in discovering, solving, and preventing the same problems from occurring again and again.

It’s not enough to find it. It will also need to be solved. It’s not enough to find and solve it. It will also need to be prevented from future occurrences. What if you find and discover a specific issue? The solution will prevent some bad consequences that it brings to your company. But, what if the same problem will occur again tomorrow? You will need to spend your essential resources again on the implementation of a solution. You need to remember that your job is not to be a fireman that will damp down the fire. Instead of that, your job is to prevent the possible fire in your business systems.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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