10 Best Business Mobile Apps That’ll Make You Better Entrepreneur

Our work slowly, but for sure become more and more mobile. You don’t need to stay at your office all the time and do the work required for your business. Today we have a big choice of business mobile apps that can help us.

Today, you can simply work on many things on your mobile phone that a few years ago you did not even imagine that you will have the possibilities to do them in such a way. All of this happens because of the development of mobile phones and different business mobile apps.

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There are many business mobile apps designed specifically for your needs and wants. But, here I would like to select ten business mobile apps that really impressed me when it comes to their usefulness related to small businesses.

1. Bring Your Writing Needs Everywhere With You Using iWork’s Pages

Writing simple documents, memos, white papers, or any other things that require creating and editing writing documents can be easily done through Apple’s Pages app. It is really full of possibilities and with the latest updates, the sync functionality between desktop, mobile, and the web app is so smooth that simply you can’t find any differences despite the different platforms on which you work.

2. Create and Send Invoices From Everywhere With iWork’s Numbers

Small business entrepreneurs often can’t allow themselves to have some robust invoicing system, especially if they are not creating invoices so regularly. In this case, the Numbers app can be really helpful in creating, editing, and sending invoices to customers. Again, the cloud functionality will allow you to use the invoices from everywhere.

3. Stay Informed About What Happen in the World With Reeder

As an entrepreneur, you will need to use some business mobile apps that will help you to increase your knowledge. I am a big fan of the Reeder app. It is my RSS reader of the choice and “on the walk” system to read the news and everything on my RSS feeds list.

4. Communicate Easily With Viber

As an entrepreneur, probably you already see that communication with clients, team members, suppliers, and other people from inside and outside your company is one of the most used tasks in your average entrepreneurial day. Viber, become really powerful app when it comes to using it for phone calls and text messaging for free.

5. Ensure Unlimited Access to Your Important Files With Dropbox

Accessing files from different places where you are today is more than needed for all entrepreneurs. Dropbox is really one of the best solutions when it comes to possibilities for your most important files to be accessible despite the place where you are or the device you are using.

6. Take and Use Your Notes From Everywhere With Evernote

As an entrepreneur probably you have many notes on a daily basis. So, you will need business mobile apps that will help you to create and edit different notes on the go.

Your brain works without pause and generates useful ideas related to your own private life, but also for your business life. If you don’t want to lose ideas and thoughts that simply come to your head and go, Evernote is an excellent solution. On the other side, I am using Evernote for many things. For example, it is the place where all my business processes are documented. Also, I am using it as a collaboration tool between me my team, my clients and other people related to my work. The possibilities are really unlimited.

7. Simplify Your Life on a Mobile With TextExpander Touch

I can’t even imagine my life without this simple but powerful tool that simplifies my life when it comes to mobile or desktop work. Writing a few letters or signs the whole word, sentence, or form will appear to simplify my writing efforts and increase my productivity. I really, really like TextExpander Touch.

8. Bring Your Social Media Approach on a Next Level With a Buffer

As a small business owner probably there is no need to explain why you need to be present on different social media, or why you need to use them for your business. Even mobile phones as a general in large part simplify your communication on social media, however, with the functionality of Buffer, you will drastically improve the presence of your company on social media.

9. Increase Your Productivity When You Respond to Emails With a „Say it Mail it”

Responding to emails on the mobile phone requires writing on much smaller devices. In many cases, for many people, it is not so much comfortable. The solution is this powerful app called „Say it Mail it” that will enable you to send an audio recording of your talking response. It is a much quicker and more comfortable solution.

Become More Productive on Mobile With a Launch Center Pro

This is the last app that I give a try on my iPhone, and I am really amazed at how much time it saves me when it comes to my work on the mobile phone. The Launch Center Pro allows me to create different shortcuts related to my tasks for other applications and in such a way to save me several additional steps for doing things with other apps.

Dragan Sutevski

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