Inbound Marketing – Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs

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Before several days here on Entrepreneurship In a Box, I wrote about the importance of the inbound marketing as marketing for the future. Meanwhile, I bought the book Inbound Marketing – Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah and read it after a couple of days, so I’d like to present an overview of what this book means.

The authors of this book are the people behind HubSpot – Inbound Marketing Software Company. Their experience with their own company in addition to their experience working for other businesses as consultants they’ve poured into this book.

There is a newer edition of the book: Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online

What is Inbound Marketing – Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs?

As I wrote in my previous post about Inbound Marketing, this type of marketing is the marketing for today and future. Now to be good at marketing, regardless how much money your business has, but how much you’re smart and creative to use the technology in your marketing goals.

This is something that’s covered in this book. As the title says, this book will give you strategies and tactics that will change your thinking about marketing your business. It’s how to be found on Google, social media and blogs.

Why Get Found on Google, Social Media and Blogs?

In every marketing campaign, entrepreneur and marketers are trying to be present in places where potential customers are. What are these places? Where is a consumer or potential customer for a product or service start to find information about goods and services that they need?

Maybe earlier they seated ahead of TV or listen to the radio to see or hear an ad. Perhaps in the past, they read newspapers and magazines to see some exciting product. However, today, the behavior of people is changed because of the power of the Internet. Today people are online.

Today when I would like to know whether there’s any product or service that would solve my problem, I go to Google and search. Through Google, I  reach the various websites and blogs that I read to be informed enough to decide before buying. Sometimes I can receive beneficial information through social media. These mean that I do not consume traditional marketing media. And why I’ll consume it when I’m always connected to the Internet and through the web to all available online information.

Because of that, your business should be found on Google, social media and blogs, and that’s the main subject of this book. Therefore, you should have it, read it, re-read it and implement strategies and tactics that are listed in it.

Book Features

I’d like to abstract some of the main features of Inbound Marketing – Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs that cause impressions on me:

  • Language. The first impression from reading the book is the language employed by the authors. The book language isn’t a technical language, isn’t a scientific language that’s difficult to be understood by non-technical people. Used style by the authors is understandable for everyone, even for those which first time encounter with these concepts.
  • Comprehensiveness. Although the book isn’t large – 220 pages, it’s comprehensive regarding what entrepreneurs need to start today to have success in inbound marketing.
  • It is the inbound marketing in action. Each chapter in the book has a part called Inbound marketing in action – case studies or example of the success of this type of marketing.
  • To-Do List. After each chapter, there’s a list of activities that must be conducted about starting inbound marketing techniques.

Worth book for the price that’s less than $25.

Who’s The Ideal Person for This Book?

Crucial question. This book has the potential to help everyone. Possible to help complete novice in this subject and the potential to help any marketing expert to improve their knowledge. Anyway I think the main group of those who should have this book are:

  • Entrepreneurs. Each current and potential entrepreneur who’d like to maximize the utilization of marketing activities in their own business must have and read the book. Regardless what type of business possess the entrepreneur this book will be helpful for all of them.
  • Marketers. Anyone who’s in touch with any marketing, should have and use this book.

If you want to improve your marketing effectiveness and your overall business, you must implement strategies and tactics from this book.