5 Questions In the Search of Inefficiency to Improve Efficiency

Inefficiency in your company can have really negative consequences. It is opposite if your company is efficient that means your company is effective and efficient at the same time.

I have seen many small business owners who simply suffer to bring back their companies in the right way. Some of them are doing really wrong things, and some of them are doing the right things but in the wrong way. In such a case, you can’t know what is worse.


When I work on improvements projects with such companies, one of the first thing that I make is trying to find answers on five important questions that will define my and entrepreneur’s future work to fix the currently broken company.

Here are these five questions that I think will help you to start thinking about the more systematic approach in managing your company.

1. Do you know what efficiency means for your company?

Yes, start with the meaning of the efficiency in order to think what negative effects bring inefficiency in form of productivity, income, profitability, customers satisfaction, and so on. Remember that efficiency means to be effective and efficient and in such a way your business will do the right things in the right way.

2. Do you have written officially documented working procedures for all processes in your company?

In order to enable high-level of efficiency in your company, you need to have in place working procedures that will be implemented from your staff members and that will be improved on a continuous base in order to improve your overall business efficiency. So, if you have written working procedures, that means you already have in police system that search for possible inefficiencies and work on removing the causes on this inefficiency. In other cases, you need to start immediately on preparing working procedures.

3. Are your working procedures ensures that your company’s processes are doing the right things for your company?

The next question is related to your business effectiveness or doing the right things for your company in order to reach the business goals. Because all working activities and tasks that your staff members will need to carry out are based on your working procedures, in large part your working procedures will be responsible for the overall effectiveness of your company. So, if your working procedures ensure that your company is doing the right things, then you are in the right way. But, in another case, you will need to check all procedures and change them in order to ensure high-level efficiency instead of inefficiency.

4. Are your working procedures ensures that your company’s processes are doing things in the right way?

This question is related to efficiency or doing things that you are doing in the right way. Again, because your working procedures describe the work that will need to be done from you and your staff members, they will be responsible in large part about the efficiency of your company.

5. Do you have in place system that will improve all other systems, processes, and their working procedures to ensure high efficiency in your company?

And the last question is about improvements, improvements based on your continuous search for possible inefficiency everywhere in your company. So, start asking yourself this question and if you answer positively than you are on the right way to have really great company, but if your answer is negative it is a strong sign that you need to make something in order to bring back your company on the right way.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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