Here is How You Can Keep Your Sales Funnel Always Full

full sales funnel

Let’s consider some of the most important things in your business – selling and your sales funnel.

You can not find entrepreneurs that don’t want their “sales funnel” to be always full. Sales funnel is the process of sale and movement of your potential customers between different levels until they become buyers.

If you as an entrepreneur succeed to make your funnel to be always full, then your business will not have problems related to weak sales or lacking fresh money for business purposes.

Can Your Sales Funnel Be in a “Pause” Mode?

The sales funnel is not something that can stop working or be in a “pause” mode. When the funnel become in a such a position, then your business is in large problems.

Your business sales funnel is similar to the real funnel which serves to transfer liquid from a wider tank into a bottle that has a thin hole. You add liquid in the wider end of the funnel, while on the thinner side exit the same liquid and enter the bottle. More important, the funnel is used not to allow your liquid to become waste that didn’t go directly into the bottle. If you stop adding the liquid to the wider side of the funnel, then the funnel “dries up,” and the whole process will finish.

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In ѕоур business, sales funnel is used to bring potential customers into the wider side of the funnel, that are aware of your product or service.  However, if on the wider side stop the entry of potential customers, your sales funnel will dry up, and respectively on the thinner side will not come buyers.

Therefore, the sales funnel should always be full, and your job as an entrepreneur and all of your employees is to ensure that the sales funnel will always be full.

sales funnel pause mode

What Affects the Sales Funnel?

Let’s consider what the most important factors that influence your sales funnel are. This is not the complex problem, simply math with different numbers related to various levels of your sales funnel.

1. Number of potential customers on the wider side

Simple math tells us that if more potential customers become a part of your sales funnel, the more buyers you will have on the thinner side. The marketing is a business element with the most important responsibility related to this metric.

2. Losing the Potential Customers from the Sales Funnel

In every moment of the process, each potential customer can decide to leave the sales funnel. This is something normal for each funnel and each business. You can not expect that your sales funnel will generate 100% of buyers from potential customers that come into the process. This means that your business will be losing potential customers. These potential customers who

This means that your business will lose some part of the potential customers. These potential customers who were close to the decision to become your buyers probably will go to your competitors. And the worst thing is that they probably will never come back in your sales funnel again if they feel unsatisfied about something in the funnel.

So, your job is to always work on possible improvements to the processes inside your sales funnel.

3. Number of Buyers at a Thinner Side of a Sales Funnel

If more customers exit on the thinner side of the funnel, they will make more space for others who are in some of the stages of the funnel. If our sales team can’t handle more than a certain number of customers at once, then the process of moving from one potential consumer to the buyer would be aborted.

For the output, the most responsible business elements are sales and marketing. The sales responsibility is regarding how many sales they can process and how they can satisfy buyers to decide about a return to buying more from your business again in the future.

When it comes to marketing, here the most important things are marketing distribution, price, and promotion.

How Can You Make Your Sales Funnel to be Always Full?

The following activities can provide your sales funnel to be always full:

1. Strengthening the Marketing Activities at the Beginning Point of the Funnel

Here, strengthening not mean to spend more money on different marketing activities. Simply, this means more clever use and the combination of marketing tools that really bring good results.

2. Continuous Improvement of Marketing Activities

Continuous improvement is a process that an entrepreneur should never forget. Everything can be improved, and so any marketing activities and campaigns of your business can be improved also.

You need to test everything you do as a part of your marketing efforts. This will bring continuous improvement that will enable more effective marketing processes in your company.

3. Continuous Improvement of the Sales Processes

Again an improvement. The points where marketing ends is the point where sales start. Through marketing, you as an entrepreneur succeed to attract attention to your business and your products and services, but the real decision about purchasing will rely on your sales team.

So, simply implement strong sales processes and start using experiments to test and see what generate the best results, and what will need to be removed or improved in the process.

4) Customer Satisfaction

This is a very important factor for any business. If you have a new product or service, you can easier sell to someone who already has a good experience with your business. Therefore, a satisfied customer will always be part of your sales funnel. You will need to generate as much as possible more satisfied customers at the end of the funnel if you want they continue the business with you.

You will need to generate as much as possible more satisfied customers at the end of the funnel if you want they continue the business with you.

This is a cycle that should never stop. If the cycle stop, then the traffic will also stop and sales through your funnel, and what is worst the business will stop generating desired results.