What is Business Potential Energy and Why This Matter to You?

What is Business Potential Energy

Business is not only the business idea and goodwill of an entrepreneur. As alone, the business idea isn’t something worth it for you as an entrepreneur. You can’t present a business idea in the form of money, even if the idea can make millions and millions of dollars. A business idea is simply your entrepreneurial dream. But, you need to know the business potential energy inside your idea.

So, you need something more if you want to build a successful business.

When you think about a business idea, you dream about your future business. But, without waking up and making that business idea possible, you still don’t have a business. You don’t have a business Without those concrete steps to start your business.

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The Definition: Relations With Physics

Let’s start with physics and something about energy. What is energy? In the simplest way of explanation, energy is the capacity for doing work. That energy will remain stored in the system until the system returns to its original configuration. Every type of energy presents the sum of two types of energy: Potential and Kinetic Energy.

We know that everything (persons, entities, systems, things…) has potential energy within them from physics. That potential energy can be transformed into kinetic energy, and that kinetic energy will enable the system to do the work.

So, potential energy is energy that is stored in the physical systems that can be transformed into another type of energy as kinetic energy. With this kinetic energy, physical systems are doing some work. You can convert the potential energy into mechanical energy, called kinetic energy. On the other side, you can also transform this mechanical energy into other forms of energy, such as electric energy. We can listen to music with electrical energy, watch TV, cook, cool with an air conditioner, and use our computers…

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The definition of kinetic energy is work that is needed to increase the speed of the body with a given mass from rest to start moving.

What is Business Potential Energy

We can say that every company has its own potential energy, and every entrepreneur has its own potential.

The logic of this original solution is that every business is a system, entity, body… That system consists of many elements or subsystems. The business as a system has its own potential energy that represents the sum of all potential energies of business elements or subsystems.

If the potential energies of business elements are larger, the whole business’s potential energy will be larger. If you have higher potential for the whole business, you can have higher kinetic energy after transforming that potential energy into kinetic? Additionally, the larger the kinetic energy of the business, the larger the probability of business success.

How to Utilize Your Business Potential Energy?

Now we come with two questions. The first is how to utilize this business’s potential energy? The second question is, what will be the benefits for entrepreneurs with this model?

If entrepreneurs succeed in measuring this energy for all business elements, they will know the whole business’s potential. In such a way:

  • Entrepreneurs will timely find poor potential energy elements and react to improve them and change them with new ones.
  • They will increase the potential energy of those elements and, because of that, will also increase the potential of the whole business.
  • They will start building a system for continuous improvement of all business elements. This is because they will measure these elements in regards to business potential energy.
  • Entrepreneurs will become more effective and efficient. This is because they will start solving the biggest problems first.