It’s Not About Your Size, It’s More About Your Greatness


Is the size of your company something that defines success for you? Or, the success is larger income or profitability? What about your greatness?

Many times when we talk about successful companies we think about growth in the number of employees, growth in income, profit and so on. These elements are important, and it is a fact. But, success is not and simply can’t be measured in growing numbers.

Why do I think so? As a first, I want to mention that I have seen many companies that are big according to their size in the number of employees or income and still they are small when it comes to profitability. Yes, they have a large amount of income, but also they have a large number of costs and when you subtract costs from the income you come to the same level of profitability as one small company.

So, success is not about the size, it is more about something else and what else is greatness.

And what a greatness means for you and your company?

As a first, you are clear with yourself about what success means for you. You can’t know that you are reaching success if you simply don’t know exactly what the business success is for you. Think about what you want to achieve with your company. Do you want to build something sustainable, something that will grow in all numbers in the next five, ten, or more years?

Next, you are clear what you want. Is the success for you if you build the great company, but you are not satisfied with your own personal and entrepreneurial life? The real greatness means that you succeed in building the great company but at the same time, you also have your own great life.

You are clear with what your customers really want. Simply, you can’t achieve greatness for your company if you can’t satisfy your customers. The first step in creating the real customer’s satisfaction is to know what they really want from you.

You have something that makes them, your customers happy. When you know what your customers want, the next step to your greatness is to create and build the products and services that they really want.

You ship what makes them happy. You can build the great products and services, but if your customers can’t get them and use them, you can’t expect that you succeed in the greatness of your company. You need to ship them in the best possible way for your customers.

You continue to ship what makes them happy. Greatness can be seen when your customers really continue to have a need for your great products and services, so you are continuing to ship them.

You continue to make them even happier. Greatness means that you are improving yourself and your company on a continuous basis. The purpose of improvements and achieving even more greatness is to make your customers even happier.

They start talking about their own experience to you. And the greatness of your company also can be seen when your customers really start to spread the word of their own satisfaction working with your company. Now, you can say that you really achieve the level of greatness.