3 Reasons Your Innovation Process Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

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I have seen really many broken innovation processes. They are there, exist but still doesn’t bring the right innovation for the market of the company.

Probably you don’t want to create an innovation process that will not innovate or improve products or services, business processes, or your company’s business model. The outputs from your innovation process have really big costs for your company as intellectual, financial, and emotional.

You and your staff members simply put everything in order to bring your innovation in the hand of your customers or in the life of your company. So, you can’t allow yourself to have a broken innovation process.

Here, I would like to mention three important reasons why this process can be broken and how you can fix it in a specific case.

Reason #1: You are not putting enough efforts into your innovation process

Even you have the best process for innovation in place you are not free from the obligation to include yourself in that particular process. You are an entrepreneur and if you are not part of your innovation process you simply show to other staff members that you don’t care about innovation in your company.

How you can expect that your staff members will include themselves in the whole process and will bring fresh ideas and effort into that process if you do not care about it? They will simply focus themselves on other processes that you care the most.

Reason #2: You haven’t developed working procedures for the continuity of your innovation process

Yes, even the innovation process in your company will need clearly documented working procedures. Simply, you can’t expect that you will have in place such a process if you not have really clear rules about how the process will be implemented.

For example, how you can expect from your staff members to bring you fresh big ideas as the potential for innovation in your products or services, processes, and business model if they simply don’t know that it is their job and responsibility? If some ideas that come from your staff members aren’t processed appropriately, they will not talk about possible improvements in your company that on the other side present the starting point of the possible innovation.

Reason #3: Your innovation process working procedures is too much non-flexible

Now, this may look contradictory for you because in the previous reason I tell you that you need specific working procedures and now that your innovation process is broken because of your working procedures.

Yes, it is true. From my experience, too much non-flexible working procedures in place for innovation process will break the whole process. When we talk about innovation, we talk about the future where many things are unknown. So, the innovation process will require many improvisations in order to bring the real results for your company. In such a circumstance, you can’t expect that your working procedures can be non-flexible when it comes to your innovation process.

Because of that in the second reason and their quick fix, I recommend you to focus on responsibilities, specific steps that will need to be taken and who will control the process and when.

In the end, I want to mention that there are more reasons related to this topic. But, if you are aware of these three reasons, it will open your eyes and simply show you what other things you will need to improve in order to fix your broken innovation process.

Question: Is there anything else as a reason that you think will need to be in these list of three reasons? You can leave a comment by clicking here.