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Changing Habits That Will Change Your Entrepreneurial Life


Changing habits in your entrepreneurial life is one of the things that probably you are doing on an everyday level. “What you are doing today? I am trying to make these things to be habits in my life. What you have done yesterday? I find the way that is the best way of doing things in my business, now I need to seed it in the normal operations of my company.”

Do you find yourself in this story of two questions and answers as an entrepreneur? Probably you want a healthier life, you want to be more productive, you want to improve yourself, or you want different achievement on a personal or business side of your life and so on. All these things will require to change some of your current habits with new ones that will bring you achievements that you want to achieve.

Let’s look at some possible process that can help you in changing habits that will change your entrepreneurial life.

1. What You Want to Be a Habit for You?

The first step in this process is to define what type of habits you want to adopt in the next period of time. Probably you want to make many changes in your current work and behavior as an entrepreneur, but it is important for you to have clarity about what you really want to achieve when it comes to your habits.

Habits can be some new activities or behavior that you want to be as a daily routine in your entrepreneurial life. You want to adopt habits in your life because the habits will enable you to never give up when it comes to that activities or behavior.

2. Make a List of the Habits That You Want to Adopt

Now, when you already have the areas where you want to improve yourself with the new habits, in this step it is the right time to list all new habits that you want to adopt in the next period of time.

Don’t think about the length of your list, think about achievements and possible new habits that will enable you to achieve what you want to achieve according to the areas from the previous step of this process.

3. The Heaviest Habits Divide Them Into Smallest Possible Steps

One of the biggest problems in my experience comes from the heaviest habits for adoption in the process of changing habits. These are habits that will ask for more time, larger cancellations by you, or larger sacrifices.

For example, you want to turn off one of your current bad habits like smoking and you know that this will not be an easy task for you. In such conditions, many times you can postpone the work on turning off a bad habit with the new one. So, it is much easier to create a plan in which you will work step by step in order to succeed. It is better to start with decreasing the number of cigarettes that you are smoking daily, or sporting in order to not thinking about smoking, or doing something else that is easy and will not press you to think about smoking. With such new habits you will slowly make a progress, but with steps that can help you to achieve what you want to achieve – to quit smoking in this case.

4. Start Working On Steps That You Want to Become Habits for You

Now, you know what type of new habits you want to adopt and how to adopt them, so now you can continue with the real things that will make them reality instead of the list on a paper.

You don’t need to start with all of them. Start with the easiest ones that you know that will be adopted in the quickest possible way. In such a way, you will start making the valuable progress that will motivate you to continue with the next habits until the last one at the end of the list.

5. Measure Your Progress With the Habits

The last step in this process of adopting new habits is to measure your progress. You really want to see that your efforts will bring the results in your entrepreneurial life. On the other side, if you don’t measure the progress of habits adoption you can’t know whether you have succeeded or not.

My recommendation is to use one simple but powerful app named as „Habit List”. This tool can be used to list the habits and will show you statistics about how you are progressing in the adoption.

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