How to Improve Employee Engagement and Relationships

Improve Employee Engagement

There are many different ways that we can motivate and incentivize our employees. But, finding a system that works for everyone might not be that simple. Here we will talk about some strategies to improve employee engagement.

No matter what type of business you have, your most valuable asset is your team of employees. With careful selection, training, motivation, and incentives, your employees can drive your company forward to becoming a success. The most effective way to do this for your company is going to depend on your circumstances. But if you are just starting a new business, you can put things into place right from the start.

Careful Selection of Employees

This may sound easier than it actually is as people often do not give an accurate representation of themselves during the hiring process. Instead, they project what they think is wanted in order to be successful during the hiring process. This means that you do need to be careful when hiring employees and do not make any hasty decisions.

In order to attract suitable candidates to apply for any vacancies that you may have, you will need to advertise in the areas that are most likely to attract good candidates. You should be ready to offer them a good package. You should promise them positive motivation and attractive incentives and reward programs. Or you may think that this sounds expensive, but if it is done properly, you can increase productivity within your company. The results will more than cover any expense you may incur in providing the incentives and rewards.

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Gaining Employee Engagement through Incentives

If you are running a top salesman of the month award, you will likely find that the same few people will win this each month. This does not really inspire the rest of your employees. Although it is a good idea to have something like the best salesperson monthly award, you can gain employee engagement and motivate them to be more productive if you offer rewards and incentives that are open and available to all. There are companies that you can work with to increase employee engagement and provide incentives, or you can come up with ideas yourself.

  • An Early Finish
  • A Day Off
  • A BBQ or Party
  • Trips
  • Sporting Events – World Cup
  • Days out

If you offer a wide range of incentives to your employees, you will be able to cover the broad spectrum of people you employ and offer something of interest to everyone. You can also offer monetary bonuses which are sure to gain your employee’s attention. There are lots of creative ideas that you can come up with to give your employees, and you can also take suggestions to come up with incentives that reflect what your employees actually want.

To further enhance employee engagement and recognize outstanding performance, consider implementing sales awards at These awards can be a powerful motivator and a tangible symbol of appreciation for your top-performing employees.

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Absorbing the Cost of Your Incentives

As previously mentioned, offering incentives to your staff does not have to cost very much. When you offset the increased productivity against the cost of the incentives, you will usually find that the cost is more than paid for itself several times over. As this is directed at all employees and everyone has something they want to work towards, your efforts to incentivize your employees could streamline your business and make it more profitable.

When you offer excellent incentive schemes to employees, the news of this does spread, which will, in turn, attract a higher caliber of employees, allowing you to grow steadily and increase your business. Set realistic goals and achievements to earn the rewards, and you will soon be on your way to a happy and productive workplace.

How To Successfully Engage Your Employees

Employee engagement is at an all-time low, with as many as 70% of workers showing symptoms of distracted, disengaged behavior at the office. Employers are working hard to combat this problem, especially since low engagement decreases revenue and increases turnover.

Rather than throwing money at the issue to make it go away, it’s time for leaders to invest in a solution that gets right to the root of the problem. Translation: learn what’s causing your employees to disengage from their jobs, then learn how you can motivate them to get back on track. To help you do just that, you’ll want to check out this guide to employee engagement from the folks over at Company Folders.

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