How Tablets Can Help Your New Business

In this world of instant communication, mobile computing and multiple workplaces, the startup entrepreneur can easily be overwhelmed.

Once upon a time, the small business owner had to outfit every employee with a fully functional laptop to use in the field and high-powered servers at the office. But now, with the prevalence of free Wi-Fi, mobile hotspots and smarter devices, there are cheaper and much more effective solutions for business on the go.

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Tablets are rapidly becoming the business owner’s favourite tool. Their use in email and entertainment has been widely known for years now, but more and more business applications are making life quick and easy for owners everywhere. Tablets can offer everything from instantaneous communication to data management depending on your company’s needs.

The Application of Apps

Whether you are the solitary employee of your soon to be famous business or the boss with a multitude of employees, the right apps can make the difference in your effectiveness. Programs like TeamViewer can allow for remote connection and operation of your computer while you are offsite while software such as Wanderlust can allow for complete data sharing and security regardless of where you are or what device you are using.

There are even apps that allow you to completely design and monitor your business right from your tablet. GeckoBoard allows you to choose custom metrics depending on your business goals, share those metrics and other relevant information across multiple devices and monitor the effectiveness of your business plans and processes wherever you are. If you aren’t quite that far in your business yet, Mindjet and similar products can help you create your business plans and projects with mind mapping software.

The Addition of Accessories

Tablets are great for mobile access and communication, but the addition of certain accessories can make life infinitely easier. One of the most popular uses for tablets is video communication. This is a great way to keep in contact; however, it can be tiring holding a tablet for long periods of time. Stands and mounts can be easily attached to your tablet to allow for freedom of movement while providing stability to the device. There even are optional car mounts to fit your tablet, which creates the ultimate on-the-go tool.

While great for video communication, tablets are not always great writing tools. So, the addition of a keyboard can be crucial when typing long emails or documents. Most are collapsible or come built into a case, and nearly all of them are wireless or Bluetooth. Furthermore, some tablets like the Galaxy Note come with newer sleeker stylus pens, which allow for quick multitasking and on-the-go note taking and editing. The S Pen is easy to use because it has built-in quick menus and specialized functionality.

Whatever your business model, nearly everyone can benefit from the incorporation of tablets. Combining function, size, and adaptability, these powerful mobile computing and communication devices are the future of business technology.

Dragan Sutevski

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