15 Marketing Activities You Can Use Right Now

15 marketing activities

As a small business owner probably you already know that your marketing activities and the results you achieve through marketing are one of the most important things for your small business.

When each year becomes a part of history, it is the right time to start with the preparation of the activities for next year. Here is a list of the small business marketing advice you need to include on your to-do list if you don’t already implement them.

1. Build a list

If you’ve not yet begun such a marketing activity now is the right time to start. A list of current and potential customers is a powerful tool for each entrepreneur regarding marketing activities for their own business. You can use the template in the Leads database Template.

2. Segment the list

If you prefer to have improved implementation of marketing activities you must segment your list. Segmentation can be run based on certain characteristics of the members on the list such as sex, significance, potential customers, and clients.

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3. Be one step closer to your customers and one step ahead of competition

One rule for each entrepreneur is to be one step closer to potential and current clients and always be one step ahead of the competition. Everything that you do watch through the question of how these things will move you closer to potential and current customers.

On the other hand, always analyze the competition and find their weaknesses. What are they doing in the field of marketing? What don’t they do in the area of marketing? Everything that your competitors are doing, you do the same, but in a better way. You can read more at How to Be One Step Ahead of Competition?

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4. Create a simple marketing plan with all your marketing activities

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs do regarding marketing is that they don’t have a marketing plan while trying to implement marketing activities for their business. Your marketing plan doesn’t need to be a complex plan. The most important thing is to know what you want to achieve with your marketing activities and to implement those marketing activities.

5. Commit to your marketing plan

Failure to commit to your marketing plan is another possible mistake for entrepreneurs. You can have the best marketing plan, but if you don’t commit to them, it’s better to you do not lose your time in creating the plan. You can commit to your plan if you have milestones and responsibilities for each marketing activity and task from the plan.

6. Update your website

If you have a website for your business, open it and see how much time you don’t update it. If the answer is one, two, or three years and more, now is the real-time to update it. Add new products or services that your business offer. Update the Copyright section of the website. Update contact information, you can add Skype’s contact details, email, Google+ details for possible collaboration with you, Facebook username, Twitter, and everything that you use for communication purposes and do not have it on your website.

7. Create a blog for your business

A website simply isn’t enough for your business. Small businesses started this strategy and were accepted immediately by large companies after they realize the possibilities of using blogs for business purposes. However, the most common problem that occurs among entrepreneurs is what to write. You can read about 10 blog topics that you can blog for your business or 100+ blog post ideas for your business. You must remember that a blog isn’t the tool that will bring you immediate sales but merely the tool for building content that will support today’s and tomorrow’s sale.

8. Create a social media strategy

To create a social media strategy, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Which social media you will use for business purpose?
  • How to be present on those social media?
  • What must you do on those social media?
  • What will be the language of communication on those social media?

Additionally, use the following 40 questions to implement a social media SWOT analysis.

9. Start with the implementation of your social media strategy

There are too many opportunities available for using social media for business purposes. All you need is a good strategy and implementation of that strategy. It’s nothing to lose. Only you can get additional points in the eyes of your potential and current customers.

10. Be present everywhere where your potential customers are

Everyone would be a marketing expert if exactly know where are his potential clients. However, the problem isn’t simple. There is a need for analyzing and gathering knowledge about potential customers to find out where they’re present. In that way, you as an entrepreneur and your business can be present there, either personally or through a marketing tool.

11. Measuring the results of each marketing activity

When it comes to marketing, this activity is mandatory for entrepreneurs. The question is how to measure the success of marketing activity. You must include measurement possibilities when designing each of your marketing activities. For measurement, the marketing calendar template is a good starting place.

12. Use the results from measurement and improve

When you have a factor of success for each marketing activity, you’ll be able to sort them based on that success. For all those marketing activities that give you good results, try to improve and provide even better results.

13. Eliminate Poor Marketing activities from your marketing calendar

Marketing activities that have poor results should be omitted from your marketing calendar or replaced with another one.

14. Communicate with customers and potential customers

If you use communication as a marketing activity, your business will feel the real power of marketing. You can use other “remote” marketing tools, but if they don’t establish a system of real communication in real-time, the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts will be small.

Communication can be verbal and non-verbal, direct and indirect, official and unofficial, serious and funny, online and offline.

15. Analyze through interviews and questionnaires

You need to analyze through interviews and questionnaires. But, what to analyze? Analyze what your current and potential customers want and what do not want. Here are several benefits:

  • You will gain knowledge about what you are doing well and why they choose you over the competition. You can improve that to gain a better competitive advantage.
  • As a second, the thing is that you will gain knowledge about what they do not like you. This is the area that must be part big changes and improvements.
  • On the other hand, an interview or questionnaire is a kind of marketing tool that presents you in the eyes of a buyer as someone who cares about their opinion.

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