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10 Creative Ideas to Innovate Like a Pro


As an entrepreneur, you will need ideas. You will need many ideas. But, what makes a difference between more successful and average entrepreneurs? It is the level of creativity inside their ideas.

I have designed a training for the development of creative ideas for the group of entrepreneurs between six to eight that open the window for the totally different way of seeing things around them. What I have learned through several training sessions is that all of them come totally uncomfortable to think outside the box to discover new possibilities, opportunities, and creative ideas.

It is not their fault. That’s the system that makes them think and do things that are normal for an everyday average person. But, we talk about innovation, entrepreneurship, and improving the world that we know today. So, we cannot talk about normal things, we need to talk about creasy things that nobody else is doing until now.

Creative Ideas to Innovate Like a Pro

Here are ten creative ideas to bring new ideas to your company and help you to innovate like a pro.

1. Reframe current problems to enable seeing things differently.

Simply start reframing current problems around you in order to see things differently from how they are in normal conditions.

2. Observe more focused everything around you.

Become more focused entrepreneur observing everything around you with more focused and unique view. There are many possible innovative ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are behind your creativity to see them with the totally unique way of seeing things.

3. Is your physical working environment stimulative for new ideas?

Creativity in large part will depend on your closest environment. Is your working environment enough stimulative to encourage you to become more creative and bring on the table as much as possible new ideas?

4. Use questions starting with „Why”.

Many things happening around you in each moment of your personal and professional life as an entrepreneur. But, many of them simply disappear from your attention. Everything interested for you can become ideal for the possible problem-solving solution. Simply start asking one of the most important questions „Why”. Why this thing happen today? Why does it happen in such a way? Why it is painful for me? Why someone else will want to escape this thing? This is only a fraction of possible examples of question you can ask.

5. Formulate proper question to ask.

Answering different question regardless if they are coming from inside or outside your company can increase your creativity and bring possible ideas to innovate like a pro. But, you will need the right question? What does it mean? You will need an actual question that also other people probably will try to find answers. You will need important questions that the answers will also be important for other people.

6. Establish procedures and rules for innovation.

This can sound crazy having in mind the fact that procedures and rules are the biggest creativity killers to increase productivity. But, still, I think that you will need them. Why? Because you as an entrepreneur want to establish the supporting environment for creativity and innovation that will enable all your team members to be creative, to innovate. Sometimes they will not succeed, but they will try new things and learn something new.

On other sides, failures mean that they will become closer to the right solution for the problem. Your procedures and rules need to award the efforts not only the success. You cannot expect to encourage your team members to be creative if they know that they will be punished if they fail. But, how you can expect creative ideas about innovation if they are afraid to be creative because of possible mistakes?

7. Combine totally unrelated things around you.

Why you do not start combining different object around you? Or, different places, ideas, and people? Sometimes it can bring you unique possibility for innovative ideas. Take several unrelated objects, places, people and ideas and start thinking about possible new products, new designs, new improvements…

8. Increase your daily interactions with other people for another angle of view about the same problem.

Probably you already have your own thinking about how some things can be improved, or how some current processes or activities can be improved. But, including other people in your own thinking can bring you the totally different angle of view for the same problem. So, if you want to bring other people’s ideas and thinking about your own ideas, start increasing your daily interactions with different people.

9. Encourage teamwork to bring different perspectives, styles, goals, and skills on the same table.

Another way to bring other people’s thinking is to encourage teamwork in your company to bring different perspectives, styles, goals, and skills.

10. Allow experimentation to increase the creative process in your company.

One of the best ways to increase creativity in your company is allowing different experimentation from everyone in your team. Experiments will show mistakes, wrong conclusions, possible failures, and totally new solutions that will improve the initial idea.