Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Google Chrome Extensions

The entrepreneurial mind is a special place. We do not think like other people. Satisfactory is not enough, and there is a constant need to expand, grow and move forward. To help us do this, Google Chrome extensions are essential for our mobile devices and computers.

Here are just a few helpful extensions to consider downloading:

Search the Google Business Suite

Google has a list of applications and extensions for the dynamic business. It lists its recommendations by categories: connect with people, create content, get things done and manage finance. For example, HootSuite is listed for your social media marketing campaign, Weebly for web content creation, Google Calendar for time management and Wave for accounting. This business package has everything you may need to run a small business.

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Use HTTPS Everywhere

For many of us, office space includes the local coffee shop, a park or a library. Being able to get work done anytime and anywhere is the cornerstone of the entrepreneur’s drive. Thankfully, mobile hotspots have made this possible and enabled increased productivity and a manageable workflow. However, using public Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot has some security risks. Again, luckily, this can easily be overcome with the HTTPS Everywhere extension. This app encrypts your sites so that you can perform e-commerce anywhere, over any network.

Teach Yourself to Code

There is a certain megalomaniacal nature to entrepreneurship. As small business owners, we need to know everything. Although we may not need to be experts, a little knowledge helps us identify opportunities for future growth. And, since technology is all around us, understanding the basics of coding means understanding our websites, mobile app development and telecommunication technology. The Teach Yourself To Code application is a tutorial platform for the most common programming languages. Using its instructional curriculum, you can learn HTML for your websites, Python for software development and iOS for mobile app creation. Again, you do not need to become an expert, but a little knowledge can go a long way.

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Chat on Hangouts

Telecommunication technology has changed the face of the workplace environment. With the push of a button, our business can become global. For example, Google Hangouts is a free extension that lets you communicate via video chat, and the Hangouts for Business app adds extra functions that are specific to conducting meetings. It offers screen and document sharing, multimedia functioning and high definition visuals for up to 15 people. It also is a great platform to hold webinars or as a foundation for your customer service efforts.

Read With Spreed or Speak-It

Whether it is to educate ourselves, look at a report or stay on top of the issues of the world, reading is a necessity for entrepreneurs. The average adult reads 300 words per minute with a comprehension of around three-fourths of what we read, reports Forbes. You can bring up your reading speed by using Spreed, an extension that claims to be able to double or triple your reading speed for online articles. Or, if you want to multitask, Speak-It will read those same articles to you while you are doing something else.