Here are 18 My Most Used iOS Mobile Apps

Our mobile work and life become more and more critical in today’s dynamic environment in which we are working and living. Our mobile phones and tablets with their mobile apps are an inevitable part of our everyday communication, doing work, and enjoying the digital life.

After several days, I was thinking about my change in habits using different mobile apps in the last several years.

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As I look at my iPhone and iPad, I have realized that there are apps that I use continuously in the last two years. But, also there are apps that I have discovered in the current year that affected the way I am using these devices.

Because of that, I divide my list of the most used mobile apps on the classic mobile apps that are something unchanged from the previous year, and new, or this year discovered mobile apps that I have started using regularly. Here they are!

My Most Used Mobile Apps

1. Evernote. Evernote is my app of choice that I use in my company for working on projects to communicate and develop solutions with my team members and clients. I am using Evernote also as a place where are all written procedures in my company. In such a way they are available for all my team members.

2. iWork Suite. Using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote with iCloud capability become something significant for me. From writing and reading reports in Pages, preparing invoices on the go in Numbers, and creating, updating, and presenting beautiful presentations in Keynote. Especially I like Keynote remote functionality that I use in my classes for college students to remote control my presentation.

3. Byword. Even in this year, I am not using Byword as last year, I still base several tasks on this mobile app mainly because of very smooth synchronization between mobile and desktop.

4. TextExpander. TextExpander is still my number one productivity mobile app that saves me a significant amount of time typing again the same or similar text, especially on email responses.

5. Remote. I don’t know would I like Apple TV without the Remote mobile app. It helps me to control and find content on my Apple TV remotely.

6. iThoughts. I have checked other mind map apps, but again I am coming back to the iThoughts. It is something that helps me in many situations when I want to turn my ideas into mind maps.

7. iBooks and Kindle. These mobile apps are still the only place where I read books that aren’t hard copy.

8. Buffer and Hootsuite. These are my mobile apps of choice when it comes to social media presence.

9. Day One. I am not an everyday writer of my daily journaling, but I am trying to create habits to record different things from my days as the summary, ideas, and moments with my family.

10. OmniFocus. OmniFocus is my app of choice when it comes to my daily tasks, projects, and things I need to do daily.

11. Reeder. Reeder is still my choice and the best solution for me when it comes to consuming and sharing content from my RSS feeds.

12. Launch Center Pro. I have discovered Launch Center Pro this year, and it changed the way how I am using my iPhone. Simply. It saves me time to open the most used apps on my phone and do some automation with actions.

13. Habit List. I have started using Habit List this year to measure my progress in building new habits or routines in my life. It is a handy app for this purpose.

14. Dispatch. This year I have started using Dispatch on my iPhone to manage my email accounts instead of Apple Mail even I made a come back to Apple Mail on my desktop.

15. Drafts. I update my experience with entirely new Drafts on my mobile devices. This app allows me to create simple text and make unbelievable things with many available actions. I am using Drafts to collect ideas, write messages, even a dozen of blog posts on Entrepreneurship in a Box has started in this simple but, powerful app.

16. Moves. I have begun using Moves this year to collect information about my walking routine each day.

17. Downcast. Downcast is my mobile app of choice to listen to podcasts, especially when I am driving the car on a trip.

18. Peak. The Peak is the only game-based app that I am using on my iPhone. The team behind the Peak app explains it as a mobile gym for our brain. Using brain science, this app has several games that help in the improvement of our cognitive, professional, social, and personal development.

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