You Are Not Alone on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Your entrepreneurial journey is a complex path full of uncertainty and different entities on and around this path. But, you are not alone on your entrepreneurial journey. Yes, remember that you are not alone.

You Will Not Succeed Alone and You Will Not Fail Alone on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Do you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey because of only you?

No, you cannot succeed if you are alone. You will need different supporters around you. Starting with your family and friends, then partners, customers, investors, and so on. All of them and their action steps will determine the form of your entrepreneurial journey.

Do you fail only because of you alone?

No, you will impact on your failings, but it is not because of only you. If you don’t have the support of your family and other closer environment around you, the probability of failure of your business will be higher.

So, you will not succeed alone, and you will not fail alone. Your success and your failings will be influenced by other people around you and because of that, you will need to prepare yourself and them long before you start with your company.

Who Will Have Impact on the Form of Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Let’s look at the most importantly other people who will have the impact and can be impacted by your success and your failings.

1. Your family

Your startup and later your company will require from you and your family large investments. First, there are investments in the form of your own and their money. Your company will require your own time investment so you will have less time to spend with your family. Emotionally you will need their support if you want to succeed with your goals. So, your family is an important part of your entrepreneurial puzzle.

2. Staff members

You cannot start and run your own business without the help of other people who will work for your company. Simply, you can’t expect to have all the competencies required for starting and running a business. So, your staff members in large part will be responsible for the success of your company. On the other side, failings in your company will have large consequences for all of them.

3. Investors

Some startups cannot succeed without external money, knowledge, resources, and experience. Using them will mean that they will impact your company’s decisions. So, the success and failing of your company will include these investors as someone who will share responsibility with you.

4. Partners

Additionally, you will have different partners around your company. They will also have a large impact on your success or failing. For example, your suppliers will have a large impact on the quality of your products and services. Materials supply on time with appropriate quality, based on the partnership between you and your supplier is crucial to your success.

5. Customers.

Even I put them as the last on this list (and probably before ten years they will not be on this list), they are important for your success. Without them, your business will fail. With them, but without partnership relations, your business will also fail. On the other side without you, their lives will still be with the same unsolved problems.

So, you are not alone and you can’t allow yourself to see your company as an isolated island. Starting and running a successful business is not because of your excellent million dollar idea. It’s because you know how to manage different networks of people around you. That is the right entrepreneurial journey for you

Dragan Sutevski

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