7 Steps to Achieve Big Dreams With Incremental Processes

What do you want to achieve as an entrepreneur this year? Do you have big dreams or small dreams? Do you have big or small goals?

Recently one entrepreneur, a client of mine has asked me one interesting question: how big do my dreams need to be? He was concerned because when he dream big in the past, he has not succeeded to translate these big dreams into reality. In such a way, he was already disappointed because his big dreams don’t give him the results he was expected.

This case is very interesting for all current and “would-be” entrepreneurs. Why? It is interesting because you can’t expect to achieve your big dreams quickly. For example, if your big vision is to build a billion-dollar company, and currently it is worth several hundred thousand dollars, you cannot expect that your dream will become reality next month, or next year.

On the other side if you do not dream big, in starting your achievements will be projected as small. But, as an entrepreneur, you will always want to achieve big achievements. So, now comes the question of how to make big achievements when you have small dreams?

Now, how you can utilize your big dreams for the purpose of big achievements?

1. Simply, dream big and create incremental processes.

Incremental processes will allow you with step-by-step achievements to achieve your big dreams. Each small step from these incremental processes will bring you one step closer to your big achievements.

2. Design your incremental processes for optimal use of your current resources.

Achievements of your big dreams will largely depend on your current limited resources. So, your processes will need to take this fact into the consideration.

3. Incremental processes will require to think big and do small.

These processes will need to be designed in such a way, so they will include your big dreams and the necessary small steps you will need to take each day in order to achieve your big visions.

4. Your incremental processes will need to prioritize your steps on the journey of achieving your big dreams.

There will always be some steps that will bring you closer to achievements than other steps. So, be sure to prioritize them, and if there is one thing you need to do each day do this thing as a first thing.

5. Continuously improve your incremental processes if you quickly want to achieve your big dreams.

Your processes will never be perfect. They always can be improved. Increasing the length of steps, decreasing the number of steps, lowering costs… All these things will help you to increase the speed of your movement toward your big visions.

6. Be consistent about your incremental processes.

You need to be consistent when it comes to achieving your big dreams. You already made a big step toward your big fantasies creating an incremental process. So, be consistent in their implementation.

7. Big achievements will require big decisions.

Even your processes are designed as a step-by-step system to bring you closer to your big achievements, sometimes they will require big decisions. So, don’t escape them. It is your responsibility to make them and implement them.

These are some of my recommendations when it comes to the achievements of big dreams. Be systematic and persistent. Your big ambitions will increase your business potential energy.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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