10 Productivity Problems to Know Before You Start Working on Them

Productivity is one of the essential words in the business world. Doing more for less, doing better for less, doing important things, and other things will define the success of each company. So, you need to solve some important productivity problems.

If you want to get a lot of things done in a short period, you have to be very efficient in the things you are doing. In fact, this is a good thing to keep in mind for the rest of your life.

But, there are ten productivity problems that you need to know before you start working on the improvements. Working on a problem can be hugely distracting and time-consuming. And once you start working on a problem, it’s almost impossible to stop until you’ve solved it. That’s why it is so important for you to know what problems you should avoid at all costs.

In today’s post, I want to share my top 10 productivity problems I see people struggling with all the time and then give you a few simple steps to deal with them.

Why There are Productivity Problems?

Doing more for less time and effort means that you will have more profit for your company. If your competitors make ten products in one day, and you are making 12 products in one day, your product immediately is cheaper than competitors.

What does this mean for you? You can sell it for the same price as competitors and make more profit for your company. Or, you can sell it cheaper and sell more than your competitors.

Now, I don’t want to explain why productivity is crucial for you as an entrepreneur and your company overall. It will be a subject that we will consider next time. Here, I would like to talk about some problems related to productivity and why some entrepreneurs cannot achieve to become more productive persons and increase their productivity as a company.

I have built a list with more than 70 factors that influence individual and organizational productivity. Still, I will share ten of them for which I think are most important for your entrepreneurial productivity. I call them productivity problems, or why you don’t achieve desired productivity level.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. It’s More About Your Mindset

In my experience as an entrepreneur and my work with different entrepreneurs, I conclude that achieving productivity you can’t base only on systems and tools. It is deeply rooted in your entrepreneurial mindset and your team members’ mindset.

productivity problem

I have not still seen people who don’t want to be more productive. Why theirs wants can’t come true? This is the question that I have asked myself so many times. My research and experimentation bring me to conclude that people’s mindset related to the work, in general, influences individual productivity largely.

You need to change your current thinking about productivity. For example, getting up early in the morning doesn’t mean that you will become more productive. It will only give you more time to do more things. But, if you are not resting enough, you will still do fewer things with the possibility of making mistakes. Or doing more stuff on the side of the quality of work that you need to do will not make you more productive. It will bring you more rework and do it, again and again, the same stuff.

So, you cannot increase productivity by tweaking different stuff in your life. It will require a broader approach, starting with your mindset.

2. It’s About Your Organizational Culture

So, you want a productive day, but it’s not possible because of your working environment. Everyone can come to your office at any time. Everyone can send you an email or call you on a mobile phone for every possible problem.

These are only a fraction of possible distractions that will decrease your productivity level. They are the results of the organizational culture that you have built in the past and are still active in your company.

This productivity problem will decrease not only your productivity but also the productivity of your whole company.

So, change your organizational culture, spread responsibilities, and decision-making among your team members, and ensure that your culture will make all your team members accountable for their decisions and the work they are doing.

3. There Are Too Many Obstacles in Achieving More Productive Life

There will probably be tens or hundreds of obstacles. You can solve one productivity problem, but it will create other issues. Also, you can solve one productivity problem, but there will still be others waiting for you.

You cannot expect that implementing a productivity system will solve all your productivity problems. You cannot expect that implementing productivity tools will solve all your productivity problems.

Obstacles will always be part of your journey on a more productive entrepreneurial life, regardless of whether they come from you as an entrepreneur or other people around you.

Obstacles can be current systems, tools, habits, technology, or people inside and outside your company.

4. It Can’t Be Learned

In my experience, different persons and organizations have different needs related to productivity. There can’t be used templates and implemented as a magic wand.

In the first two productivity problems, I have mentioned that when it comes to mindset and culture combined with different current statuses, it is more difficult to change something.

So, don’t try to learn everything new related to productivity and especially become more productive quick tips. Use them as ideas and tweak them for yourself and your company. Experiments are the only things that will bring you helpful knowledge to increase productivity.

5. There Are Too Many Tools

The development of new technologies, especially mobile tools, brings you into a position when you cannot choose the best tool for your productivity.

There are simply plenty of tools that promise us we will become more productive using them. But, sometimes, we need only a piece of paper and a pen with a more significant level of simplicity to become more productive.

So, don’t think about the tools before you define precisely the processes that you will use.

6. Tools Doesn’t Guarantee Successful Achievements

It is true because many entrepreneurs spend a lot of money on tools instead of their processes. I have one experience in a larger organization when they have spent a lot of money on document management systems to increase productivity. But they have failed because they try to improve productivity without defining each process in each department. The newly implemented system has brought less productivity than ever and required many additional adjustments that were too much expensive.

7. There Are Too Many Influencing Factors and This Can Bring Productivity Problems for You

As you can see from these productivity problems, too many factors will influence your productivity.

You need to discover them, clearly define them, and measure their influence level. After this, you can start working on improvements from the most priority factors or factors that will drastically impact your productivity. Don’t allow the quantity of influencing factors to make you confused.

8. Planning Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Planning your day is something that has the potential to increase your productivity. But, it doesn’t guarantee success in becoming a more productive entrepreneur.

Planning is essential in defining your future, but if you do not implement your plans, it will not help you become a more productive entrepreneur.

9. Without Strong Commitment From Your Side You Will Have Productivity Problem

You need to be committed to your goals and implement plans if you want to increase your productivity.

This commitment, in many cases, will be painful for you because you will need to get out of your current safe status quo situation. It will require many cancellations and changes to your current habits.

10. Without Strong Focus You Will Have Productivity Problem

To stay focused today is challenging for each entrepreneur. Your productivity, in large part, will depend on your strong focus on the important things in your business and your life. Having the proper focus on the right things can become one of your productivity problems.

How can you stay focused when you have distractions from everywhere around you? That’s an additional productivity problem for you.

Dragan Sutevski

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