3 Small Business Monitoring Tools That Will Help You

Running a business sometimes seems like a 25 hour a day job between customer service, cash flow, security, and so on. You need to monitor many performances for your small business and adjust according to the results. Here I would like to cover three areas where your small business monitoring tools can help you.

For example, Bloomberg Business claims that about 40 percent of business owners spend 80 hours or more dealing with federal taxes and that doesn’t even include the time spent on actually capturing the data. You really need different business monitoring tools that can help you in such activities.

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Therefore, it makes sense for business owners to look for ways to save time on certain tasks. If this sounds like something you need, check out the following business monitoring tools you can use to more easily monitor your business.

Social Media as an Area Where You Need Business Monitoring Tools

Monitoring social media can take a lot of time. An estimated 63 percent of business owners spend between 1 and 5 hours a week updating Facebook, Twitter and other platforms explain an infographic conducted by VerticalResponse. However, 1 in 3 business owners wants to spend less time on social media.

This means business owners need to make the social media marketing process as efficient as possible. Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to save time by posting to multiple social networking sites at once. You also can schedule posts so you can set up your updates and posts to be published automatically at the right time and date.

If you have a large database of evergreen content you can start using SmarterQueue that can save you hours when scheduling your posts for social media updates.

Online Accounting Solutions

Is it a mad rush every year around tax time to get the information your accountant requires? There is no reason that book-keeping needs to be difficult. An online accounting system makes it easy to keep your financial affairs in order. This system completes many tasks automatically and can be accessed from anywhere through encryption-protected cloud servers. The system captures your income and expenses and even sends out reminders to late payers for you. Furthermore, you can set up recurring invoices so they run automatically and link your bank accounts to input transactions for you.

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Then, when tax time rolls around, you just need a few clicks of the mouse to get the relevant information. And, you can check exactly where your business stands (even when it’s not tax time) without having to wait for your accountant to call you back.

Website Monitoring Tools

Your website is a big asset. Making sure it is up and running efficiently means monitoring it regularly. Fortunately, services, such as Pingdom, can monitor your site and alert you the minute a problem is detected. This way you can fix the problem quickly, thus minimizing your downtime.

Additionally, today the speed of your website becomes more and more important. Having in mind that WordPress is widely used you must take many steps to ensure the high-level performance of your website. CloudLiving gives an excellent 22-step process and covers different tools for how you can speed up your small business website. Using the process and mentioned tools they succeed to improve the speed from 2.44 seconds to 991 milliseconds.

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Of course, these services offer more than just that. You also can analyze your site’s stats including how your website performs, any problems you have, and any patterns of broken parts or interactions. This helps you understand how visitors experience your website and includes data on your load times and visitor information, such as where they are located. All of this information helps you make data-driven decisions and create a more effective web strategy.

Successful business owners figure out how to work smarter, not harder. Using the right tools can help you be a success as well.

Dragan Sutevski

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