Learn The Basic Principles of Achievements to Achieve More Things


In the simplest form, the achievement is the state in which you accomplish something on a specific day, week, month, year, or years. So, I can say that we have daily, weekly, monthly, annual or multi-annual achievements. They are always around us.

But, achieving something is not so easy as we can say or write on a piece of paper. It will ask us to do many things. For example, when it comes to daily achievements we can achieve accomplishments related to tasks that we need to do on a specific day.

When it comes to weekly or monthly achievements, we can achieve finishing some milestones of a specific project or a whole project.

When it comes to annual or multi-annual achievements we will have accomplishments of some of our goals.

There are Two Types of Different Achievements Important for You

Looking at this way of presenting achievements, we can group them into short-term and long-term achievements.

  • Short-term achievements. These are your daily, weekly, and monthly achievements. They relate to your daily, weekly or monthly tasks. Accomplishing these tasks will bring you to the specific milestones of important projects. You will achieve this if you finish whole projects you want to accomplish on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, when it comes to the businesses we have daily tasks that need to be accomplished, we have weekly tasks or monthly tasks, and projects as meeting with a specific customer, the weekly review of our to-do list, project for implementation of our new marketing campaign related to our new products and so on.
  • Long-term achievements. These types of achievements will present your annual, or multi-annual achievements. They will be related to the specific goals you have already set to achieve in a specific period of time. So, long-term are things with a hard relationship with our goals. For example, we can have the achievement of the goal to increase our profit margins by 10% this year.

You cannot say that one type of achievement is more important than another type. The reason for this is because short-term will help you to achieve long-term goals. Without short-term achievements, we cannot achieve our long-term goals.

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Achieving something is not as easy as we can say or write on a piece of paper. So, learn the basic principles of achievement if you want to achieve more things.Click to Post

The Power of Why in Achieving

One of the most important things when it comes to your achievement is asking the right questions starting with why.

1. Why do you want to achieve the specific goal?

What you will get if you achieve this specific goal? Would it improve your life, or your business? Is achieving of this goal making you happier persons? These questions will lead you to a deeper understanding of your goals and the importance of achieving them.

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On the other side, this will create a much bigger level of commitment to yourself. This commitment will press you to put your best efforts to achieve the specific goal. If you better understand the future when your goals will be achieved, will give you a clear picture. You will recognize the benefits that you will enjoy from your efforts related to achieving goals.

Why do you want to achieve the implementation of specific projects?

If you want to achieve the goals and make your long-term achievements to become a reality, you will need to translate your goals in the form of projects. Those projects will be implemented in the next period of time (year, or several years). For example, if your goal is to increase profit margins in the next year, you can develop several projects. Those projects will need to help you to achieve this specific goal. Possible projects can be:

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  • Increase productivity in the production project,
  • Project for improvement of current products and services,
  • Project for development of new products, and services,
  • Remove all wastes in all departments and so on.

These are all specific projects that will help us to achieve our goal of increasing the profit margins of your company.

Why do you want to achieve the implementation of specific tasks?

Each project is a group of tasks that will need to be done to implement the specific projects. We are doing tasks on the everyday basis. For example, we have a project for increasing the productivity of production. So, the first task can be the analysis of the current state of productivity in the production department.

The second task will be to change the layout of the plant. Additional tasks will be to educate employees in production and increase automation of the equipment. Also, we can have a task to improve the practice of preventive maintenance. All these tasks can be part of our project to increase production productivity.

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Achievements Aren’t The End of Our Journey

We can see that accomplishing one task will bring us closer to the accomplishment of one project. The accomplishment of one project will bring us to the accomplishment of one goal. The accomplishment of all tasks will bring us to the accomplishment of all projects. On the other side, those projects exist because of achieving a specific goal in a specific period of time.

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But, achieving one goal doesn’t mean that we are at the end of our achievements journey. We continue to set up other, new goals that will bring us back to the same cycles of achievements.