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5 Steps to Become Better at Management

three types of management skills

Learn how to successfully manage any team, regardless of the industry and number of employees.

A bad boss is an ultimate nightmare for every employee and the prime reason for leaving a company. An ineffective manager can cost the company a fortune and can ruin even the most talented team. However, the manager is only as good as the people he manages.

If you want to be a successful captain of your ship you need to know your crew and know how to get the most out of them. Even when there is a storm on the horizon, you won’t have to worry, if you have spent enough time perfecting a dance.

Set clear goals

Define goals and guide your people towards them. They shouldn’t be a moving target, so declare your expectations to prevent nasty surprises and misunderstandings. Dreams and visions are fine, but goals should be tangible and measurable. That way you can hold your workers accountable for their results, but don’t forget to be a role model yourself. Set the bar high, but don’t make it unreachable. Getting the best results from the staff will be harder if they believe your treatment is unfair and harsh.

Get to know your staff

To motivate people, you need to figure out what drives them. Some people want recognition more than anything, while others don’t pay much heed to anything but money. There are also those who find prestige the ultimate of all thrills.

To find out the secrets behind those poker faces, you need to build relationships and earn trust. You won’t pull this off in a day, so be patient. With some people, it might take years.

Be approachable

Stay on the same page with your employees and engage them. You should leave the door open for those you manage. A worker who identifies with and feels emotionally attached to the company is often the best worker there is.

A golden tongue might get you far, but you also need to be a good listener. Some of the best ideas will come from your employees who are closer to the actual work. Provide feedback, for it is one of the core tasks you need to perform as a manager.

Resolve conflicts

Conflict is often unavoidable. It is not the end of the world but never succumb to the temptation to look the other way. Address the problem right away and try to get to the root of it.

It always has to do something with the lack of communication, the battle for resources and positions, or personal matters. If you confront the difficult situation in the right way, you will be able to mold all those individuals into one team.

Improve yourself, not just the team

If you focus on your workers all the time, you will lose sight of your personal improvement. Even if everything in the garden is rosy, it is never a bad idea to educate yourself further.

Enroll in project management training and you will learn a few tricks and stay up to date with new the new opportunities and solutions. This will not go unnoticed, and it will help you become the manager every company would desire. This does not necessarily mean going back to university. There are great courses available, such as those offered by Upskilled, which will enable you to work on your management skills while not neglecting your workload.

Jack of all trades

Management styles vary, but the key requirements for a successful manager don’t. Be consistent, trustworthy and transparent. Be clear about what you want, and keep in mind that communication is of vital importance.

A manager can’t afford to overlook new trends and process improvements, so stay flexible. The same tactic is not good for every battle, and the war is won with a whole range of weapons, or at least two. Thus, hold the carrot in one and the stick in the other hand.

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