What You Need to Do If You Have Important Tasks, But Unurgent

Do you find yourself in a position when you have important tasks but are unurgent? They are important for your success, but you don’t have to do them now, so they can become forgotten and obsolete on your to-do list.

Yes, you may have important tasks, but at the same time, they are not so urgent to be done as quickly as possible. Because of that, raise the question of what you can do with such critical things that you don’t need to be implemented in the near time?

Here we will talk about these things and what you can do about them. You don’t want to forget them. They are important for your business success, not today, but tomorrow.

Important tasks?

The important tasks will bring more considerable value for your company or significant improvements in operations. Regarding the level of importance, you will have priorities for your daily tasks.

For example, you will have the most important tasks that will have the bigger priority than medium or those with low importance. So, the level of importance will define the level of urgency for the specific things you need to do.

The most important tasks are things that you will need or must do today, and not only that, they will be the first on your to-do list. Probably you will have more important tasks that you cannot do all in one day. In such a case, you will need to select several of them. The best solution is from one to three most important things that you will need to do every day until you finish them all.

Even if you can do more of the most important tasks daily, don’t put more than three of them on the list. In such a way, you are leaving enough time for other things that are not most important, but you will need to do them daily. Also, putting more of these things on your daily to-do list will create pressure around you to do them all at once. So, you will start losing your focus, and the quality of the results from implementing these things will shrink.

It doesn’t mean that you will come to the end with the most important tasks. Simply, your list of most important tasks will expand with new similar things. So, as you are doing one by one from the list, they will continue to rise on the list with most important tasks, additionally.

Urgent tasks?

The urgent tasks require your immediate response or action to do something right at the moment. They can’t be postponed because you need to do them now. In contrast to most important tasks, these things, where importance make them urgent or unurgent, can be important for someone else, not for you.

3 important tasks daily

For example, if you receive a mail from someone that marks it as an urgent email, the urgency is for the sender, not for you. But, if the urgency is something that will treat the survival of your business, then these things will also become urgent for you.

So, mixing importance with urgency will define priorities for your entrepreneurial work. High-level importance with high-level urgency will mean high-level priority.

Let’s take that we are measuring importance from one to ten, where one is important with the highest level. Related to urgency, one is the most urgent task, and ten is an unurgent. If we have a task with the importance of one and urgency of 1 then we will have priority number one. So, they are things that will be the first ones on your to-do list.

Unurgent things?

You need to make a distinction that everything important is not also urgent. And on the other side, everything that is urgent is not also important. Having this in mind will help you prioritize the entrepreneurial work that needs to be done. So, you can have these types of tasks:

  • Important and urgent,
  • Un-important, but urgent,
  • Important, but un-urgent and
  • Unimportant and unurgent.

The last types of tasks are not something for you. So, you can simply remove them from your list. The first types of tasks marked as important and urgent are tasks that will have some specific priority level for you. Unimportant, but not urgent tasks, also cannot be part of your most important tasks. So, they can simply be deleted or postponed for “when you have enough time to work on them.” The biggest question is what you need to do with the tasks that are classified as important, but unurgent.

They are important tasks, but also they do not need to be done today as a first thing. So, you will probably postpone them until tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.

What I have discovered in my experience, is that as time goes on, the importance of the tasks will shrink. For example, if today, the importance is one, tomorrow can be 2. Next week will be four, after one month it will be six, after several months eight, etc. This is a real problem when it comes to this type of tasks. Shrinking importance is not something objective, but it is entrepreneurial subjective thinking. How long tasks survive on your to-do list, their importance will decrease. The importance will decrease until you decide that they are not important to delete them. But, what if it is important to increase your business’s values if it is done in the next several weeks? Then, you lose a chance to capitalize on them.

So, the biggest question is how to ensure that you will accomplish important but unurgent tasks? Accomplish these tasks when you accomplish all your most important tasks with a high level of priority for today. As I have mentioned earlier, you will not put all the most important tasks to be done today. So, you will have enough time daily to accomplish these accidentally important but unurgent tasks.

Dragan Sutevski

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