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Author name: Dragan Sutevski, PhD

Dragan Sutevski, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, where he helps businesses grow sustainably through innovative strategies and creative thinking. Follow him on Twitter for valuable tips and updates, or reach out here.

Dragan Sutevski
10 Smart Skills You Will Need Now as an Entrepreneur

10 Smart Skills You Will Need Now as an Entrepreneur

The most influential business potential energy in you as an entrepreneur is your own skills. What type of skills will you need to build a great startup company? Here I will cover ten smart skills that you will need as an entrepreneur.

You can have them before you start your company, but also you can start your own business and develop these smart skills as you go. The most important thing for you and your business is to work on building these smart skills. They will help you in ensuring your business’s success.

However, how much quicker you build these smart skills, the faster they will inject more business potential energy into your company that will guarantee your business success.

Because of that, you’ll need these skills now, and you must start developing them now. Here I will cover the ten most critical smart skills for you as an entrepreneur.

Shotcuts can be dangerous for your business

Shortcuts Can be Dangerous for Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur who always wants to find shortcuts when making decisions about the business?

Shortcuts can be handy for entrepreneurs and their companies. They can make the productivity to be on the higher level and cutting the time in many cases.

However, even if they are sometimes useful, you must know that there are two different types of shortcuts:

Entrepreneurship: Are You the Right Person?

Do you think that you are the right person for entrepreneurship? Are you the person who can be a real entrepreneur?

Different forces force you to become an entrepreneur. However, are they the right forces that will bring long-term wealth to your new or future business?

One of the most important or influential forces that push people to become entrepreneurs is ensuring better life in the future. You want to earn more money with something you know more than others.

You want to transfer your hobby and passion for something into valuable business. However, is it enough for you to become a successful entrepreneur?

You want to be your own boss. But, to be the boss is different from your passion or hobby. Being an entrepreneur is not the same as being an employee and working for someone else.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll also have even more bosses who will manage your daily entrepreneurial activities and tasks.

Small Business Advice: Know Your Customer’s Emotions

Probably, you know that in today’s business world, customers’ emotions are the only thing that guarantees the success of all your sales efforts. Simply, customers’ emotions sell.

The right question for you as an entrepreneur does you know the emotions of your current and potential customers.

What does this mean for you?

become successful entrepreneur

Do You Understand Yourself as an Entrepreneur

The part of your business success at large can be based on you as an entrepreneur and your own understanding of yourself. You care about your customers because you want to understand and fulfill their needs.

Also, you care about your employees because you want your company to be perfect in fulfilling your customer’s needs. On the other side, your employees are part of that process, and you care about them.

But where are you?

Do you understand yourself enough?

When you plan to start a company and become an entrepreneur, you must start with yourself. Why? Because you are the central point of your company. Everything else will be based on your own business potential energy and your aspirations as a future entrepreneur.

smart goals questions - business goals

Set Up Your Business Goals Answering These 18 Questions

In the small business world, everything that you and your company take or every action that you take is about the accomplishment of something as your business goals.

Are you a type of entrepreneur who manages your company without goals? The small business without proper objectives is the same as a man lost in the woods. Here, I would like to share with you 18 questions that will help you to set up your business goals.