Author name: Dragan Sutevski, PhD

Dragan Sutevski, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, where he helps businesses grow sustainably through innovative strategies and creative thinking. Follow him on Twitter for valuable tips and updates, or reach out here.

Dragan Sutevski

Organizational Change Process – Why You Need It?

organizational changes - drivers of organizational change
We leave in time when the change is something must have in each businesses. On the other hand the pressure from the environment push entrepreneurs to always work on finding the better ways to improve their business. Improvements needs changes.

Everyday when you come to the work you think about possible improvements that you need to implement. That’s the change processes. Sometimes small improvements in small period of time, sometimes big projects in longer period of time that can have big improvements in your everyday business operations.

10 Steps to Become a Better Entrepreneur

become a better entrepreneur

So, you want to become an entrepreneur, but not any type of entrepreneur. You want to become a better entrepreneur.

How can you become a better entrepreneur? What do you need to take in order to achieve this? What action steps do you need to take to improve yourself as an entrepreneur?

These are very complicated questions that can’t be answered with a simple template that you can follow. Different businesses and different persons – entrepreneurs, need different action steps.

But, as always, there are commonly used principles or action steps that have the potential to differentiate an average entrepreneur from a better and successful entrepreneur.

Day 11: Knowledge – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

business knowledge about your customers

Let’s continue with the eleventh day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. We are in the business planning improvements part in this challenge, and we already work on improvement of previous business planning experience and forecasting.

But, as you know, the business planning process will be dependent on your own knowledge as an entrepreneur, but also the knowledge of your team that will be included in the process.

When we talk about factors that make an entrepreneur successful, the second layer was knowledge and creativity. There we talk about the knowledge and acquiring that knowledge.

The Entrepreneurial Promise Cycle

promise cycle

In the business world, entrepreneurs base their businesses on the promise.

You promise that your business will solve the problems and satisfy the needs of the potential customers, and if they believe you, they will buy from you. But, if you deliver your promise, automatically you are a more credible and trustworthy person that deserves their trust.

However, if you fail to deliver your promises, your credibility and trustworthiness will be zero, and that’s the end of your relationships with those customers.

It would be best if you delivered everything that you promised. Delivering or over-delivering what you promised automatically builds credibility for you as an entrepreneur and your company as a whole.

Think about situations when you buy something because of the promise on the advertising materials about that something. After trying your new toy, you conclude that the promises about your problems are not delivered. How do you feel in such a situation? Would you buy something in the future from the same company? Even they made another, better promise, you will not believe them. They are losing you forever.

Think about it the opposite way. What do you think about businesses and entrepreneurs that deliver you what they promise you? Would you buy something in the future again from them?

You Have That Great Business Idea, But… There is Something More

validate business idea - great business idea

Ok, you already have that great business idea. It is something that will solve your future customer’s problems. It is something that can be a hit in the marketplace. What’s next that you need to do about your great business idea and your future company?

You need to start doing things, take actions toward your own and your companies’ success. But, do you know what you want to achieve and how you will accomplish that? Wait, for the moment.

How to Achieve Your Amazing Dreams?

Do You Want to Achieve Your Wonderful Dreams_ Believe in Yourself, Yes You Can

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important factors that makes you successful is your own willingness to take an action. Everything else will become unimportant if you don’t take an action. You have a dream, and you need to start doing something to achieve those dreams.

If you don’t have yet incorporated this inside your everyday work, everything else will lose its importance. So, here I would like to share with you the most important thing you need to do if you want to achieve your wonderful dreams. It is to believe in yourself. You don’t have limits, and you can achieve everything you want to achieve.