How to Increase Creativity to Bring More Innovation to the Market

The fact is that every woman or man, old or young, has within them a natural innate and permanent side of their being that is so much creative. All you need to do is learn how to control and capitalize on what you already have inborn. All women, men, children in the world are born with so much creativity that they don’t use in their everyday lives.

If you go back in time and think of yourself when you were a child, you were unstoppable for many things you get in your mind. At that time, you were a creative person. You were an adventurous and opportunity-seeking person that always wanted to try and experience different things. Experiments were your everyday life. Simply, the world was infinite in its possibilities and opportunities.

Then something strange happened. Simply the system took over your own creativity. The behavior-based on doing the “right thing” is correct in all aspects of your life and has op-posed and neutralized your creative capabilities. Your parents, environment, school, or whatever other reason simply had destroyed the fantastic and endless creativity inside you when you were born.

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