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Business intelligence is an essential part of your entrepreneurial work. Here are articles to improve your analytical skills.

22 Competitive Analysis Questions to Beat Your Competitors

22 Questions You Need to Answer For Your Competitors

Each entrepreneur wants his business to be alone in the market without competition. But, it is an unrealistic and probably unachievable situation, at least for a more extended period, to operate without competitors.

You cannot avoid competition, regardless of the size of the business or industry and the market in which it operates. Even if there is no competition currently, it doesn’t mean it will last forever and will not appear shortly.

You should not be afraid of competition. But, you must implement a strategic and systematic approach to analyzing your competition. After analysis, you will need to use that knowledge in your daily business operations and management of your own business.

If you ignore your competition, you will have real problems manifested through declining market share, lower total sales volume, a decline in the number of customers, and the most significant problems as cash-flow problems. These problems will destroy your business. The fact is that you can not allow yourself to ignore such possible problems.

Because of that, here are the important questions to ask about competitors. Using these questions, you can easily conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis that can be part of your market research and make informed decisions for your small business.

What You Should Know About Google Sheets Add-Ons For Your Reporting Needs?

google sheets

These days Google sheets have become one of the premium spreadsheet platforms to work with all kinds of office spreadsheet work. It almost has all the features that a basic spreadsheet tool can offer and many other of them as well.

The big advantage that it has over all others is that it is an internet-based application and thus, is accessible by all at any time.

How Is Predictive Analytics Done?

How Is Predictive Analytics Done

Companies are looking for whatever it takes to stay ahead of trends and keep their customers completely satisfied. Prediction models driven by data provide business owners with insight into progress.

Predictive analytics is the method or technique of using data to model forecasts about the likelihood of potential future outcomes in your business. Predictive analytics use past and present data combined with other techniques to model unknown future events. Generally, it is taking data over time to make better decisions in the future by using a predictive analytics model.