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Business Planning

Find all articles related to business planning to help you prepare and execute your business plan. Start planning now and make your dream a reality. You can start with the following articles:

  1. Business Plan Mindmap
  2. How to Build Your Own Business Plan Template
  3. Risk Management Process as a Part of Your Business Plan
  4. How to Measure Business Plan Implementation Results?
  5. 30 Things You Can Do With Your Business Plan
google sheets

What You Should Know About Google Sheets Add-Ons For Your Reporting Needs?

These days Google sheets have become one of the premium spreadsheet platforms to work with all kinds of office spreadsheet work. It almost has all the features that a basic spreadsheet tool can offer and many other of them as well.

The big advantage that it has over all others is that it is an internet-based application and thus, is accessible by all at any time.

How To Write The Perfect Business Plan

How To Write The Perfect Business Plan in 2021

A business plan isn’t just a document. It serves as a tool to manage your business, analyze results, make strategic decisions and plan how your business will operate and grow. A business plan doesn’t need to be difficult. Do you wonder “who will write my paper”? On website like this professionals help to write a successful plan in no time!

By the end of our guide, you will know how to quickly and easily write a plan to get you the results you want. You don’t have to have a business or accounting degree to write a successful plan.

startup - beyond business plan

Dentist Vivek Cheba Says Building a Business Goes Beyond the Business Plan

The decision to become a business owner should not be taken lightly and rarely is. Yet some puzzle pieces need to be in place to make success more likely. After your business plan is created and the target market, financing and location figured out – in addition to a slew of other things –  finding the right teammates should take center stage.

“Employees are, after all, going to be the backbone of your organization and will help establish the company culture,” said Dr. Vivek Cheba, who is a dentist and who has opened a number of orthodontics clinics in the Calgary area of Canada.

There are many warning signs for employers to watch for during an interview. Nervousness is not on the list but could make someone interview poorly. Just as some people are not good test-takers, many people are not good interviewers. If they are qualified yet seem clearly nervous, it could simply be that they are excited at the prospect of working for your company. That is a good thing.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Data Analytics Strategy

5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Data Analytics Strategy

Technology is bringing innovation into almost every area of our lives, and the impacts have dramatically changed and improved the ways businesses operate. The emergence of data analytics is just one innovative development that is enhancing how businesses function. However, merely subscribing to data analytics software is not enough to keep up with the ever-adapting world of modern business management.

When merging data analytics with machine learning and automation, you will also need to consider data governance consulting to enhance the benefits to your business. However, if you have not yet implemented data analytics strategies, here are five compelling reasons you should consider one.

Ecommerce Business Market in 2020_ Industries with the Most Profit

Ecommerce Business Market in 2020: Industries with the Most Profit

Few business owners can say that 2020 with the COVID pandemic has been a successful one. For most industries, 2020 has been dismal at best and disastrous at worst. Think about concert venues, bars, movie theaters, land-based casinos, hotels, and whatnots. Almost all of these businesses have been suffering because of the lockdown. However, this is not true for every industry out there. Despite the trainwreck that 2020 has been so far, some businesses managed to not only survive but actually thrive. So, if you are looking for an industry to invest in, here are some of the options in the eCommerce business market to consider.

How Is Predictive Analytics Done

How Is Predictive Analytics Done?

Companies are looking for whatever it takes to stay ahead of trends and keep their customers completely satisfied. Prediction models driven by data provide business owners with insight into progress.

Predictive analytics is the method or technique of using data to model forecasts about the likelihood of potential future outcomes in your business. Predictive analytics use past and present data combined with other techniques to model unknown future events. Generally, it is taking data over time to make better decisions in the future by using a predictive analytics model.