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Business Ideas

You can find everything that can help you to develop business ideas and validate them to start a business. You can start with the following articles:

  1. 50 Questions to Answer as a Part of the Business Ideas Development Process
  2. 40 Tips to Brainstorm Business Ideas
  3. 3 Steps of Business Ideas Creation Process
  4. How You Can Measure Business Potential Energy of Your Business Ideas
  5. How To Validate a Business Idea To Become 100% Sure That You Will Succeed?


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Business Ideas Book Template

In the previous post, I have written about a business ideas book. Now I want to share a business ideas book template specifically designed for your needs as an entrepreneur.

Business ideas book template is something that will help you to become more effective when you want to come up with many great business ideas.

This book also is a basis for your next steps – analysis and choosing the best business idea to start.

I’ve made one template for a business idea book that will help you to become more organized when you’re trying to choose the best business idea.

include in business ideas book

Learn How to Create and What to Include in Your Business Ideas Book?

We don’t know where and when we can have good business ideas in our brain. If we don’t remember our thoughts, then the business potential energy of the process of creation of those ideas will be at a lower level. One tip I have explained in the 6 tips for increasing creativity was to always have with you a notebook where you will write each idea that comes up in your brain. This notebook is business ideas book where you will write everything that will come to your mind as a business idea.

This notebook will be your business ideas book. It is a simple one table where you will note each of your thoughts and where you will note some additional things about them.

business opportunities and ideas

The Best Resources Where You Can Find Business Ideas

Business opportunities and ideas are starting point for every business. They are important because the business potential energy at startup levels depends on the ideas that you will implement.

Previously, I have written about increasing creativity for a business idea generation process. Here I want to present another process that in combination with creativity can help you in generating more business opportunities and ideas for your small business.

You can find great business ideas from different sources that can be newspapers, magazines, internet, talking with friends, etc. In this post, I want to write something about the internet as a source of business ideas.

increase creativity

6 Tips to Increase Creativity to Brainstorm Excellent Business Ideas

Business ideas come from the entrepreneur’s brain. But, best business ideas come when your creativity is on a higher possible level. So, you will need to increase creativity to brainstorm excellent business ideas.

When I talk about the best business ideas I mean of business ideas with the highest level of business potential energy. But, when we come to creativity, we have a problem because we are not always creative.

3 Steps of Business Ideas Creation Process

Behind every successful and unsuccessful business is an entrepreneurial business idea or business ideas of potential entrepreneurs. Here I will cover one crucial business ideas creation process.

I want to note something about business ideas before we continue. They are not only for new businesses or startup companies. They are also something that is a part of the “must-have category” for existing businesses. They can exist in the form of a photography business plan or a sophisticated strategy for boosting sales.

The new business ideas will energize every business. They will recharge business potential energy whether it is a new – startup company or an existing business. Having business ideas will mean you have the ground for future business improvements. You have the vision and your dream and are ready to work on your achievements.