Making Ideas Happen – Book Review

Business ideas are an important topic on this blog. They are the basis and starting point for each business. Before one month, I bought the Kindle version of Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky and my first impressions of this new way of reading are on a very high level.

At first what I can say about this book is that it is much different from the rest books that I’ve read about business ideas. While most books concentrate on how to come to a good business idea, this book concentrates on how to make the best business ideas become reality (to happen, to transform into a successful business).

A business idea is one of the factors that contain business potential energy (a concept which I define and use for business improvement). However, sometimes that business potential energy is not converted (transformed) into kinetic energy (real business action). And exactly this process of transformation of an idea into action is covered in this book.

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