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Here is the archive of some of the best books to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

4 Finance Books to Motivate You as an Entrepreneur

financial books

Attending meetings, customer outreach, market analysis; you name it, it’s easy to lose yourself to entrepreneurial duties and forget to feed your mind. However, financial books differentiate an average entrepreneur from a great one. From Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to Mark Cuban and Oprah Winfrey, famous business leaders are also great readers.

For starters, books impact communication. Besides increasing confidence, reading expands your vocabulary to improve your articulation in business conferences, client meetings, and public speeches. Books also increase your focus and resilience. You need the discipline to follow through with a task to become a successful entrepreneur. The following books will improve your personal and business life.

[📚 Book Review] Become Extraordinary Leader Through Leadership Transformed


Here is a book review of Leadership Transformed – How Ordinary Managers Become Extraordinary Leaders by Dr. Peter Fuda.

Building a really sustainable business will require much more things than innovation in products and services that will need to be sold to the customers. It is much more than developing customers and successfully brings your innovations to the market.

You need to build an organization willing to change and transform, and such a willingness can be achieved only if you and your team members are really extraordinary leaders.

Big Data and Revolution That Currently is Happening

The traditional ways of doing business, learning about the future of business, and discovering and predicting the future of the business have changed forever.

Like never before, entrepreneurs have the power to gain knowledge about everything around their businesses.

Five years ago when I worked in the customs intelligence department we have started a project to bring news articles related to law enforcement in one place. A first goal was to send the newsletter each day to all managers in the law enforcement sector in which all that interesting news articles will be placed. And it was easy with the help of RSS technology and several RSS readers in which we have placed filters according to keywords of our interest as drugs, cigarette smuggling, and so on.

Your Customer is the Most Powerful Person for You

Measuring Customer Engagement

Probably, as an entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your company. You are the person who decides about strategies, decisions, and future directions of your company. But is it entirely true?

Although you are responsible for many things in your business, this responsibility doesn’t mean that you have the most considerable power. It doesn’t mean that your employees or your small business as a whole have the most significant power over the future of your company. All of you have only responsibilities to find the most influential persons and implement everything they want if you want your business to succeed.

Today, the most influential person for your business is your customer. Why? Simply because things in the last decade were changed in large part. With the help of technology and the availability of that technology, today’s customers have much higher power than yesterday’s. As an entrepreneur, you will need to be aware of that.

Customer insight expert Chuck Wall in his book “Customer CEO: How to Profit from The Power of Your Customer”, writes the following:

Become Storyteller If You Want to Win


Everything in business can be transformed into stories, and how better you can tell those stories the better success you will achieve.

Storytelling is must have in every small business.

You tell stories to your customers to better explain how your product and service can help them in solving their problems, satisfying their needs, or achieving their goals. For this purpose, storytelling is the best practice that will make you more efficient when you sell your products or services.

Also, you use stories as part of your marketing efforts to describe customer’s personas.

You are a storyteller to your employees to make them more loyal to your business. Probably, you already use different types of stories as previous experience, stories from your startup days, stories from different successful achievements, and so on.

As an entrepreneur you are a storyteller to your partners, You simply want to make them more quickly understand your needs and their achievements if they satisfy your needs.

How to Find Entrepreneurial Road to Success and Achieve It?

How to Find Entrepreneurial Road to Success and Achieve That Success_

Entrepreneurship is something like a journey. That’s an entrepreneur’s journey. You as an entrepreneur create something from nothing. But, those creations are not easy to be successful.

That road to success is never a straight line, and more probably it will be as a curve, broken line or something that will push you to the left, then to the right, then again, to the left, again to the right… That’s a zig-zag road. On that road, you as an entrepreneur need to zigzag if you want to reach success.