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Business Potential Energy

All articles regarding the potential energy of businesses as a tool for their improvements.

How You Can Measure Business Potential Energy of Your Business Ideas

Business ideas are one of the business elements with the business potential energy. The most difficult task for entrepreneurs is to choose the best business idea from the business ideas pool they generate. Because of that, we can use the measure of the business potential energy of each idea.

This is a simple problem. You can choose a business idea with the largest energy within it. Yes, this will be a simple process if we know what business ideas have the largest energy.

So, now one of the most important questions is how you can measure your company’s potential energy stored into business ideas being analyzed?

business life cycle performace

How to Maintain High Performance at All Stages of Business Life Cycle

In previous posts about the business potential energy, I write that the methodology of business improvements must contain the business life cycles. It is important because we have different business elements with different business potential energy in different business life cycle stages.

So, you need to use these stages to describe some business elements in correlation with the business potential energy and business performance.

How to Use ABC Analysis to Improve Business Performances

Improve Your Business Performances With ABC Analysis or 80/20 Rule

Do you want to improve your business performance drastically? Probably the answer is yes. So, you will need to use ABC analysis or sometimes called as 80/20 rule. What is ABC analysis?

ABC analysis is a methodology that can give you a quick and simple review of your range of products in the retail store, wholesale, or manufacturing company.

What is Business Potential Energy

What is Business Potential Energy and Why This Matter to You?

Business is not only the business idea and goodwill of an entrepreneur. As alone, the business idea isn’t something worth it for you as an entrepreneur. You can’t present a business idea in the form of money, even if the idea has the potential to make millions and millions of dollars. A business idea is simple your entrepreneurial dreaming. But, you need to know the business potential energy inside your idea.

So, you need something more if you want to build a successful business.