Being an entrepreneur is not a simple job. Here are articles to help you on your journey.

10 Smart Skills You Will Need Now as an Entrepreneur

10 Smart Skills You Will Need Now as an Entrepreneur

The most influential business potential energy in you as an entrepreneur is your own skills. What type of skills will you need to build a great startup company? Here I will cover ten smart skills that you will need as an entrepreneur.

You can have them before you start your company, but also you can start your own business and develop these smart skills as you go. The most important thing for you and your business is to work on building these smart skills. They will help you in ensuring your business’s success.

However, how much quicker you build these smart skills, the faster they will inject more business potential energy into your company that will guarantee your business success.

Because of that, you’ll need these skills now, and you must start developing them now. Here I will cover the ten most critical smart skills for you as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship: Are You the Right Person?

Do you think that you are the right person for entrepreneurship? Are you the person who can be a real entrepreneur?

Different forces force you to become an entrepreneur. However, are they the right forces that will bring long-term wealth to your new or future business?

One of the most important or influential forces that push people to become entrepreneurs is ensuring better life in the future. You want to earn more money with something you know more than others.

You want to transfer your hobby and passion for something into valuable business. However, is it enough for you to become a successful entrepreneur?

You want to be your own boss. But, to be the boss is different from your passion or hobby. Being an entrepreneur is not the same as being an employee and working for someone else.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll also have even more bosses who will manage your daily entrepreneurial activities and tasks.

Who is Actually Killing Your Small Business? Let’s Check It!

What is Actually Killing Your Small Business

Do you know who is killing your small business? Is it a competition? Alternatively, is it your customers who don’t want to buy your products and services? Is it your employees?

No, nothing of that is something that has the real potential to kill your company. You, as an entrepreneur, are a person that can and has the potential to kill your own company.

7 Standard Action Steps to Business Success

7 Standard Action Steps to Business Success

Although it is not so far, business success sometimes can be miles away from entrepreneurs. Why is this the reality in many cases, and what can you do? Here I will talk about seven action steps that you can take now.

In the last three to four years, through the analysis of many business elements of my clients, I found that everything is happening around the same elements as seven action steps that produce different habits of entrepreneurs. These seven action steps also produce different results for different businesses.

Because everything is connected somehow with these seven action steps, they become essential in our efforts for improvements.

These elements are shown in the form of 7 action steps below.

What an Entrepreneur and Spiderman Have in Common?

What an Entrepreneur and Spiderman Have in Common

Spiderman is a type of superhero that has incredible power aimed at creating benefits to the community. An entrepreneur is also a powerful person that creates benefits for the community. Entrepreneurs make innovation, build and deliver value, create jobs, fulfill different needs, make something from nothing… All of this is beneficial for the community where operates an entrepreneur.

Before some period of time, I was forced by my five-year-old son to watch all of the movies about Spiderman.

Watching the movies I ask myself what these two persons has in common, or something that will be helpful for entrepreneurs?

5 TED Talks to Increase Your Entrepreneurial Knowledge

5 TED Talks to Increase Your Entrepreneurial Knowledge

Entrepreneurial knowledge is important for your business success. It would be best if you worked continuously on increasing your knowledge. In this post, I propose several TED talks like video presentations from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) from where you can extract really useful elements to increase your entrepreneurial knowledge.

I propose to you to watch them all. Take a piece of paper, or your tablet and pen, and start taking notes as you watch the talks. You will get many important insights that will help you in growing your small business.