100 Small Business Resources for Entrepreneurs From 2012

As the end of the year is closer, I want to check different small business resources around me to see what was interesting from the outgoing year.

Before several days I was simply trying to look at my Evernote notebooks to see what small business resources I was reading in 2012 and what will need to stay in my Evernote account, what will need to be in which notebook and what I think will need to be deleted.

Quickly after searching for 2012 as a year of creating notes I find more than 2,600 notes that I was created in that year. There are different stuff in the form of my notes, my lists, interesting articles, books… It’s a huge small business resource list.

Here I want to share 100 small business resources that I found in my Evernote account from last year for which I think is valuable for entrepreneurs.

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