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Can Workaholics Become Successful Entrepreneur and What You Can Do?


A frequently asked question is whether a successful entrepreneur is a workaholic, or not. Many experts say that if you work more, you will earn more and have a successful business. But is this true? Too many people think that if they want to be successful entrepreneurs, they should have workaholics habits. They believe that to succeed as entrepreneurs, should be workaholics.

5 Business Elements That You Can Start Improving Today

5 Business Elements That You Can Start Improving Today

Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, Business, Small Business, etc. All these words are deeply related to improvement. The primary task of each entrepreneur or manager is to improve their business. There are always some possibilities for business improvement and better business results. Which are those essential elements that can and should we start improving today?

The process of improvement can be related to all business aspects, and it is not a limited space. Any improvement could lead to a butterfly effect on the overall company.

The following elements we as entrepreneurs can start improving today:

10 Business Mistakes That You Must Escape When You Run Your Company

horrible mistakes

We make mistakes every day. Sometimes mistakes are welcomed because of learning potential that we receive from those mistakes. However, this depends on your ability to learn from mistakes. Probably you know that the best learning comes from the mistakes you have experienced.

But, also some errors can be fatal to you as an entrepreneur and your business. You must escape them.

Here is one list of some basic mistakes that can be fatal to every business.

How to Create Valuable Small Business Intranet Solution With Google Sites

How to Create Valuable Small Business Intranet Solution With Google Sites

Increasing productivity in businesses is one of the most important things you need to work on. Too often businesses operate in different locations as different towns, countries and some big businesses operate on different continents. The internal business communication and information sharing among the people in the business is something that has a big impact on business productivity.

Faster decision making, fast information sharing, fast controlling, knowing the realization of the most important projects or activities, allocation of the project tasks… All of these activities can be implemented through one system – a small business intranet solution.

Are You an Innovator? 5 Skills of Innovators + 2 Additional

What are the most important skills of innovators? Scientists, business people, managers, and entrepreneurs always want to know what is the perfect person to manage and grow the business.

The business world in which operates your business will require entrepreneurial skills, managerial skills, and innovation skills.

What are the skills that make one person perfect? What are the habits of those perfect persons? How do they think, breathe, and what do they eat? When they are working, how much do they stay at work? How to be the perfect person that will ensure high business growth? All of these questions were asked and analyzed a long time before.

There are too many researches conducted that want to find characteristics of that perfect person. We know that also Frederick Taylor (1856–1915) have conducted experiments to find the person that will accomplish more jobs for a shorter time.