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Business Growth

The small business advises helping you win on your entrepreneurial journey and grow your business.

problem cause

Small Business Advice: Permanently Eliminate Problem Causes

Do you expect that your business will operate without problems? Or, do you think that you will become a successful entrepreneur without removing the problem cause?

Are you the type of person that all of your time spend solving different problems that some of them always repeat?

Are you have too much time for solving the same problems repeatedly?

Maybe your company will be without the problems, but only if your business is alone without customers, without competitors, operate outside of ecosystems, doesn’t have employees, doesn’t solve other people’s problems, doesn’t improve itself…

Is it possible? In cases of successful business, it’s impossible!

focus on the customers

Small Business Advice: Change Your Focus on the Customers

I know that you are born to compete with something and everything that you see you want to compare with something yours. But, do you focus your attention on the right things in your small business. The most important thing is to change your focus on the customers.

Now, as an entrepreneur your focus is also to compete, trying to kill the competition. Trying to make the better offer, to make more promotions, to give bigger bonuses…

But everything that I mention here you compare with your main competitors, not with customers and their needs. Because of that you need put your primary focus on the customers.