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All articles related to cryptocurrency to help you learn and improve your knowledge about this new currency.

Bitcoin Trading Has No Limitations… Or Has It

BTC Trading Has No Limitations… Or Has It?

Satoshi Nakamoto founded the first cryptocurrency in 2009. Since its development, Bitcoin has shown consistent growth, which has attracted the attention and interest of millions of individuals and firms to invest in it.

Bitcoin has inspired the birth of many other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins, which are widely used by crypto enthusiasts nowadays. Despite the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency, traders and investors never abandoned this crypto because of its skyrocketing prices.

Up until now, a vast number of crypto enthusiasts still trade Bitcoin. But when are you allowed to trade this crypto? Does Bitcoin have trading limitations? Read on to find out.

Ethereum Cheat Sheet - What to Know When You First Buy ETH

Ethereum Cheat Sheet – What to Know When You First Buy ETH

It’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting into when you first buy ether, the cryptocurrency powering the Ethereum network.

Blockchain technology has been developing so much and has supported cryptocurrency to the level they both become the new normal these days. 

You most likely aren’t as intrigued and surprised now as when you first heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency since it is one of the hottest financial topics worldwide. You hear about crypto on the news, and your friends most likely exchange opinions and share the latest info about the market’s fluctuations. All these might make you wonder if you could ever make some profit from buying and trading digital coins, or at least wonder how this technology will evolve over time and how common owning cryptocurrencies will be.

Approximately 59.1 million Americans held some form of cryptocurrency in 2021. And did you know global investors ponder the possibility virtual tokens will become the future global currency?

How Bitsoft360 Transformed the Crypto Market

How Bitsoft360 Transformed the Crypto Market?

As you know, there is no shortage of various scams on the internet. Unfortunately, people don’t pay attention to various suspicious websites. Scammers stole millions of dollars over the years. So, it is crucial to pay attention to the information about crypto trading bots.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the crypto market isn’t regulated in many developed as well as developing countries. Moreover, even in countries where legislation exists, it isn’t ideal.

In many cases, you need to rely on yourself when it comes to crypto-related services and companies in general. However, it is all but impossible to identify all problematic crypto companies due to various reasons.

Did We Just Witness the Worst Day in Crypto_ Here Is What Happened

Did We Just Witness the Worst Day in Crypto? Here Is What Happened

Digital currencies have had a rough opening in 2022, but June has been extremely terrible for the industry, for crypto has witnessed its worst days. Major digital currencies have experienced the worst market decline, with the worldwide marketplace capitalisation plunging far below the $1 trillion thresholds. In reality, the crypto markets have cleared roughly $100 billion in a single day. T

he worldwide crypto market capitalisation has dropped to $912 billion, dropping from $1.04 billion in June 2022. Crypto trading platforms suspended transactions, organisations reduced stakes, and sensitive financial investors sold their investments, bringing the market capitalisation of cryptocurrency down to $1 trillion, dropping from $3 trillion in November 2021.

Almost every major cryptocurrency was in the red, with several hitting rock bottom. Here’s the reason why.

Countries That Developed Their Own Digital Currencies

Countries That Developed Their Own Digital Currencies

Given the popularity of fintech solutions and digital assets, no wonder why central banks globally feel threatened by digital currencies, which might take over paper money and become the norm.

This is the reason why nine countries have already launched their own digital currencies. The decision for any central bank to create a central bank-controlled digital currency, or CBDC, is exactly to compete with popular crypto projects and providers.

To be more precise, CBDCs were created to encourage people to use digital payments and provide central banks with an alternative to cash. Note that any CBDC is pegged to its physical equivalent. For instance, the value of e-Naira is equal to that of Nigeria’s physical Naira.

The Time is Right for Blockchain Investment Here's Why

The Time is Right for Blockchain Investment: Here’s Why

Tech investment is always such a head-swirling option. On the one hand, new technology often creates overnight millionaires when intelligent and savvy buyers invest early. For example, people who invested in bitcoins when they were worth pennies now have hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

That’s a big part of the appeal of the blockchain revolution: the potential for overnight fortune. This interest comes in the face of concerns about blockchain’s future and sustainability. Despite these issues, the blockchain thrives and continues to grow. But is it too late to invest? Let’s find out.