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Everything about improvements helps you improve your business and achieve the success you want to achieve.

business improvements calendar

77 Business Improvements to Improve Your Business in 77 Days

Continuous business improvements are the basis for your competitive advantage. The most successful businesses are businesses that are always different today from yesterday, and tomorrow bring something new. So, in such a way they are making today always to be better from yesterday.

In this post, you can find the list of 77 items as possible business improvements that you can use in the next 77 days. Of course, the list is not final. We can go with more possibilities that can bring overall business improvements. However, it is limited to the 77 most important elements for your company to feel the benefits as soon as possible.

Everyday business improvements are the lifeblood of the success of your company. Because of that, I think that you need to take all necessary steps to work on many business improvements as quickly as possible.

You can use all 77 ideas for business improvements all at once, but my recommendation is to use them in the cycles. Start from the first day and finish with the last day, but then go back again from the first day. In such a way, you can have a company that will be much more difficult to be copied for someone else. Just, start with the proposed business improvements.


10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Each Next Week

As an entrepreneur, you will always want to be a more focused entrepreneur? You want to be a more effective entrepreneur. You continuously want to improve yourself and your business. If you want to accomplish goals in these sentences you must be a much more organized entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are persons with a very impressive life. They are problem solvers. They solve internal business problems, but also external market problems. This is not a simple job. If you want to stay on the right way to ask yourself and answer the following ten questions before every next week. They will also help you in ensuring real work-life balance for you.

elements with business potential energy

10 Basic Business Elements with Business Potential Energy

If you want to increase your business potential energy you must start with determining of business elements with business potential energy as a first step according to improvement through business potential energy methodology.

In the business can exist an unlimited number of business elements. Some of them are important, and some of them are less important. But, there are some crucial elements that can have a large impact on your company’s potential energy.

How to Achieve Exponential Business Improvements

How to Achieve Exponential Business Improvements

In the world of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must continuously search for ways how to improve their business. These efforts related to business improvements will be around 90% of the activities of an entrepreneur.

However, business improvements and changes are constant in the business world. Here, I want to introduce the process of continuous business improvements with the help of the business potential energy technique.