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Change Reality: How Resistance Impact On Implementation?

Nearly a month I am engaged as a consultant for the implementation of software (technology change) in a very bureaucratic organizational system. The software is something that is a huge step forward for that organization. This means a significant improvement of productivity and efficiency in the work. But, as always when it comes to implementing something new there is always resistance to that new.

It is clear to everyone that technology changes cause other organizational changes too, and this is proven by Joan Woodward’s analysis that presents the close connection of technology with the structure and people. This means that with the application of the new software that is technology change, there will be a need for changes in the structure and also in the people – the employees.

5 Business Elements That You Can Start Improving Today

5 Business Elements That You Can Start Improving Today

Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, Business, Small Business, etc. All these words are deeply related to improvement. The primary task of each entrepreneur or manager is to improve their business. There are always some possibilities for business improvement and better business results. Which are those essential elements that can and should we start improving today?

The process of improvement can be related to all business aspects, and it is not a limited space. Any improvement could lead to a butterfly effect on the overall company.

The following elements we as entrepreneurs can start improving today:

resistance to change

The Level of Resistance to Change Versus Results from the Change Process

Organizational changes are most important part of every business, and they have constant flow. This means that business doesn’t have time without the implementation of any types of change. However, every change is followed with some type of resistance to that change. The reasons of resistance to change can be different. I’ve already written about my research that finds 28 factors that cause resistance to organizational change.

Here I want to mention these four facts about resistance to change:

Organizational Change Process

Implement Organizational Change Process in 8 Simple Steps

The organizational change process is something that can bring high-level improvements to your businesses. This process will need to be the most constant process in business life if you want to succeed as a manager or business owner.

However, if you create and implement a system that can help you with the quick implementation of an organizational change process, the probability that your business will fail will be at a very low level.

I don’t want to go into the complexity of the organizational change process. This is because that complexity brings fear in managers and entrepreneurs. When you look at the possibilities of a simple implementation process it is much simpler to start and implement such a process.

organizational changes - drivers of organizational change

The Evolution of Organizational Changes – 9 Predecessors

Organizational changes are as old as the existence of organizations. And the existence of the organization is there as the existence of humans. If we look back into history when the people start to organize in different ways to build towns, pyramids, in wars, there was a strong need for some type of organization.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence as Creator of Knowledge For Organizational Changes

Business intelligence (BI) in the last several years has got huge popularity in the business world. Before the term intelligence finds its own place in the business world, governments use this word to make big decisions about wars or about leading the country.

Now we live in the informatics and communication technology age. We are bombarded with information every day. However, information as raw information doesn’t mean knowledge.

How you can transform raw information into knowledge is the key issue in making a better decision?

One possible answer is business intelligence. The potential of BI in the transformation of information into knowledge is enormous. The right information in the right place at the right time is the basis for making the right business decisions.

On the other side, organizational change requires decisions about what to change and when to change. These decisions are based on the sources of organizational changes. These sources may come from different places as from inside of organizations and from outside of organizations. Because of that, we have internal and external sources of organizational change.

In this blog post, I will try to systematize current business intelligence knowledge and find and give some connections between business intelligence and organizational changes.