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Office Space

To help you choose, organize and improve your office space, here is an archive list of posts.

Why Your Workplace Talks More About Your Business Than You

Why Your Workplace Talks More About Your Business Than You

A business deal begins long before customers visit the company’s office they want to support. The truth is that the office and your workplace will be where they conclude their business and will, in many cases, be a deal breaker if the office doesn’t meet their expectations.

Although some companies don’t care too much about the décor and finished look of their offices, they should if they want to show clients that they mean business. For example, when considering office furniture, many still believe that the basics are sufficient.

However, according to Statista, this market has seen enormous growth and innovation to make offices look more professional while providing more team member comfort. So what are the unspoken truths an office will hold? Read more below to see just how loud your workplace can talk about your business:

4 Ways Office Design and Layout Impacts Employee Productivity

4 Ways Office Design and Layout Impacts Employee Productivity

A working space’s design and layout are two of the many factors that affect employee productivity. Therefore, you must be mindful of where you choose to have your business’s offices. If you’re constructing an office from scratch, research the essential amenities you must have in the office. It includes but is not limited to good chairs and desks, well-furnished washrooms, high-speed internet to facilitate communication, a kitchen, and a coffee lounge.

However, if you need a temporary office or don’t have the time to build an office, there is a solution available for you. You may consider serviced offices Brisbane or other similar providers that delivers everything you need. They also include ready staff that you can merge with your team to keep processes rolling. Regardless of where you are, you can get such an office.

So, whether you’re purchasing or leasing office space, here are some of the ways you can consider to make your design and layout impact employee productivity:

office desk allocation

Managing Office Desk Allocation: What Are the Guidelines?

Most people would agree that office desk allocation is a difficult task. You want to make sure that everyone has enough space for their personal belongings, and you also need to take into account work habits and organizational preferences. Not to mention, you have to consider your coworkers’ thoughts on who should get the desk next to them.

Luckily, there are some guidelines you can follow to make the process a little bit easier.

home office setting up

Setting Up Your Home Office: A Guide

These past few years, more and more people have been setting up home offices. While some of these people have had to set up home offices because they have been working remotely, many people have started their own businesses that they run from home.

If you’re new to the whole working-from-home setup, you might be a bit unsure of how exactly you need to set up your home office. After all, it’s likely a very different environment than what you are used to. Luckily, this post is here to help.

back office

5 Tips to Improve Back Office Efficiency

Do you ever wonder how services in a company run so smoothly?  Its functions are productive. Clients are satisfied. What’s the magic here?  The back office is the big magic behind the success of any company. The back office acts as the backbone supporting operations, such as accounting, human resources, employees’ payroll, marketing, and administrative processes.

The backbone office plays a crucial role in improving customer experience besides running administrative functionalities of the company. Customers value so much the reception and what your company delivers. Therefore, a company’s efficiency should be maximum to realize high productivity and ensure you thrive at the top.

Many companies have worked so hard in optimizing their back office for a competitive advantage. For instance, paperwork can be tedious, especially when handling several documents at a time. Some companies are employing departmental document scanners to optimize workflow involving papers.

So, how does a company improve its back office efficiency?  Here are five tips to achieve that: