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4 Important Things to Consider When Hiring Employees

what to consider when hiring employees

When you have a company, it will eventually become time for you to hire some employees if you want to scale properly. While it is very easy, in principle, to hire employees, a lot goes into these decisions and there are a lot of things to consider.

This article will look at 4 important things to think about and consider when bringing on some new employees.

5 Tips for Running a Remote Team Smoothly

running a remote team smoothly

It’s not too long ago that most colleagues would work in the same town and building, and perhaps even live close to one another.

But technological advances and different business models mean that many firms now operate effectively with remote teams — members live in different cities or nations yet work closely together most days.

Remote workers can be more productive, and there are significant savings on overheads like office rental — but there are a few attendant pitfalls to avoid.

So here are five tips for running a remote team smoothly.

Avoiding the Challenges of Group Behaviour Change

behavior change

Peer support has been found to be an effective method for encouraging healthy behavior change. Sustainable behavior change is social in nature. Individuals are heavily influenced by their peers and the behaviors of members of their community. However, encouraging collective behavior change does come with its own considerable challenges.

The concept of “collective efficacy” has been identified as a phenomenon that promotes more effective change in a group setting, that would happen in isolation. However, in order to achieve successful collective behavior change, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. Read on to explore the common challenges of group behavior change, and how exactly to avoid them.

4 Tips for Effective Employee Performance Review

employee performance review

As an entrepreneur, from time to time you need to take a step back and evaluate whether your business achieved the milestones you had set earlier in the year. You can look at what worked and what didn’t and use that experience to grow the business even more in the coming year.

A business’ success or failure is heavily dependent on the people running it. So part of your annual retrospection must include performance reviews for your staff. What did you expect from each employee and did they deliver? The following are some tips on conducting effective performance reviews.

9 Leadership Types: Which One Are You?

type of leader

As anyone who has studied leadership will testify, it’s an academic’s dream. There is a huge amount of theory around, and this is resulting in a much better pedigree of the modern-day leader.

It means that a lot of leaders who are currently working within the industry are asking what do you need to do an MBA? These qualifications aren’t something that just looks good on paper, they provide practical guidance that can be applied immediately.

6 Time Management Strategies for Students

The art of time management! Time is the ultimate and irreplaceable resource. It cannot be returned, saved, or bought … that’s why it is so important to be able to manage such a precious resource properly!

The problem of time management is related to the ability of a person to organize his time in accordance with social requirements and personal interests.

Therefore, when a normal day is limited to 24 hours, it is important to know the time management strategies that allow you to effectively manage your time and ensure a successful balance of work and life.