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6 Steps to Clean Your Office Systematically and Maintain it Clean

6 Steps to Clean Your Office Systematically and Maintain it Clean

Many tasks you can’t do in your normal working hours. Probably your brain work likes crazy even at the weekends. You think about your business, your customers, your partners, your employees… So, you need a productive environment to succeed as an entrepreneur. So, clean your office if you want to be more productive.

There are many things for the next week. There are unfinished tasks, new tasks, meetings… But, you can do one, only one project for the weekend that will make you a much better and more organized entrepreneur.

What can you do for you and your small business this weekend?

This weekend project I propose to you is to clean your office.

Top 7 Skills Needed to Become A Healthcare Manager

healthcare manager

Although hospitals’ primary role is to provide quality health care, behind the scenes, the hospitals are large institutions that are run and managed just like any other business. Due to this, successful hospital managers must combine their managerial know-how with their passion for the patients’ well-being.

While you may have entered the field because of your passion, having some business management skills could help you move your career to the next level. Also known as healthcare executives, healthcare managers have many demands and responsibilities that come with their jobs. Here are some skills and tips that one requires to become a successful healthcare manager.

Three Steps to Great Team Building

team building activities

So you’ve got all the individual parts. You’ve got your exceptional accounts expert, a supreme sales squad, engineers that wouldn’t look out of place beside Geordi LaForge, and admin officers who exactly how, where, and when to cross every t and dot every lower case.

Despite all this though, something is missing. That something is the difference between working alongside one another and working as a team. To make a team, there is often no substitute for some good old fashioned corporate team building. To find the best way to make that work, when planning just what it is you want to do in terms of team building activities, consider these three factors first and foremost.

What is ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

enterprise risk management

ERM is an acronym for “enterprise risk management” and refers to the processes put in place to minimize internal and external threats that a business may face.

According to the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), ERM includes all the steps and procedures that a business needs to establish to handle unexpected risks and, at the same time, provide opportunities for value enhancement.

4 Tips for Dealing With Disgruntled Employees

team members

Few managers enjoy the luxury of working with consistently motivated, happy, and engaged employees all the time. Indeed, team members who offer their best work every day don’t need much management at all! However, eventually, every business leader has to deal with disgruntled or uninterested employees.

Getting the best from your team at these moments is a true test of your mettle as a manager. The good news is, you don’t have to face such a situation alone. Rather, check out these four helpful hints that will assist you in setting your team back on the right track: …

4 Business Management Lessons We Can Learn From the “Fyre Festival” Documentaries

fyre festival

In the last 5 years, nothing had the internet as shocked and appalled as “Fyre Festival”, a destination musical event that promised to be the cool new hangout for the hip and fashionable. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. It turned into a big disaster of unmet expectations, disappointment, and flat out disgrace.

But behind all the memes, “Fyre” is a leadership failure that many entrepreneurs can learn from. A lot of the challenges they faced were entirely avoidable if they had done things a little differently. It’s a valuable learning experience for any business owner, large or small about what happens to a business when certain company culture requirements aren’t met. Here are the top lessons for entrepreneurs from the whole debacle.