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Everything related to management and how you can efficiently manage and grow your business.

You Become a Manager

You Become a Manager in Your Small Business, What’s Next?

This is one of the most common problems that occur when people go through the upstairs in their career. Everyone wants to progress to become in a managerial position. Some will go usually take one step after another: first-level, middle level, and at the end become a top-level manager. However, sometimes it can also happen to skip a step, which I think is not desirable.

What I want to emphasize in this post is that career progress should also be made a distinction in some way in the mind of people who want to become managers. The fundamental distinction that needs to be done is:

  • Further skills required.
  • Required activities to proceed.

The distinction is to “forget” past work and to begin an entirely different thing called management.

When I say to forget, I don’t think about the complete deletion of memory, but just past knowledge about the new job will not be so necessary.

positive working environment

Positivity Around Us Can Create Beautiful Working Environment

We can see success if we put our brain in the state of creativity. Positivity creates beautiful working environment. Today is a rainy day! Peoples are closed in their homes, although it is a Saturday, the day that we expect to be beautiful. However, the situation doesn’t need to be black. We can, and we are capable of adding more colors in our lives in such a terrible day.

business problems

How to Solve Your Business Problems – 3 Solving Aspects

Solving business problems is an everyday activity of an entrepreneur. They are always present and we can say that there is no business without problems. However, the approach of solving them is something completely different and perhaps something that worries me the most when it comes to small businesses.

Let’s see how you can really solve all of your business problems.

meeting - business meetings

Start Scheduling Your Business Meetings With Setster

Productivity is one of the most important things in businesses. Before some period of time, I came across to a really simple but a very useful tool that impressed me, especially when it comes to moving slowly but surely part of our daily business activities such as business meetings scheduling online.

Time in business means money, and money means more opportunities for business growth. Therefore, this tool for business meeting scheduling (relatively new, from September 2009) could really be useful for entrepreneurs.

Fast Decision-Making Process VS Quality Decisions

As an entrepreneur, you will need to have a quality decision-making process and a fast decision-making process if you want your business to continue to grow. Is it possible? Yes, here is what you will need.

We make personal and business decisions. Individual decisions are related to our own life and our family. Business decisions are related to our business life or our job. But, the decision has an essential part in the executions and success of the executions – the time frame of each decision.

business productivity

50 Business Productivity Rules to Improve Your Whole Company

Business productivity is an element of the everyday work of each entrepreneur. It is related to your entrepreneurial work and your business team and their work activities related to your business.

Simply, productivity is something that differentiates successful from unsuccessful firms and entrepreneurs. Productive entrepreneurs can do much more important things compared with the entrepreneur that is not productive. So, it is important for you to work on improvements to your own and your business’ productivity.

Here I want to share the list of 50 rules related to this subject. You can use them to implement and improve your small business.