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3 Ways to Increase Worker Productivity in Your Small Business

worker productivity

U.S. companies spent $720 million to measure and improve worker engagement, according to the 2012 Bersin by Deloitte Employment Engagement report. The report said that number will easily double within three years. A high level of employee enthusiasm and loyalty towards the company is essential because of the well-established positive correlation between engagement and profits. Worker productivity is important for your small business.

Gallup conducted its latest Q12 Employee Engagement meta-analysis of nearly 50,000 companies and their 1.4 million employees in 2012. This eighth edition of the Q12 yielded similar results as its predecessors: highly engaged workers are more productive and their respective companies experience higher profits, higher customer ratings, less absenteeism, less shrinkage due to theft and less turnover.

[๐Ÿ“š Book Review] As a Business Leader Use These 12 Leadership Lessons

business leader

Here is the book review of Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis from Jeffrey A. Krames.

Leadership is not something that can be learned in school. It is not something that you can tell โ€œI am the leader.โ€ It is more practical and how other people see you as an entrepreneur or manager in front of them.

A good business leader will need unique leadership skills that will make him different from other organizational members. Someone who will lead others, and someone who will be followed by others. A good business leader needs to be authentic, effective, and compassionate.

[๐Ÿ“š Book Review] 10 Practices of Personal Leadership


Here is a book review of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership by Joelle K. Jay:

We are living in the world of chaos. The chaos is everywhere around us. As an entrepreneur, you have created your company and very quickly become aware that you find yourself in very unpredictable chaos where you will need to lead and manage yourself and others around you.

I just finished reading the book titled โ€žThe Inner Edge – The 10 Practices of Personal Leadershipโ€ by Joelle K. Jay an executive leadership coach and founder and president of Pillar Consulting, LLC. This book simply gives me a very different look at personal leadership, productivity, and doing the right thing in the right way.

3 Essential Tools to Help Streamline Business Communication

video communication and business communication

As most entrepreneurs know quite well, in order to succeed in the world of business you need much more than a terrific product or service combined with affordable prices and devoted staff. The part of this process is also your business integrated communication.

You also need to devise effective ways to keep in touch with your employees. Communicating effectively with your staff will not only help everyone work better and more efficiently, but it will also free up the much-needed time to get the tasks done.

How You Spend Your Time? Are You Really As Busy As You Think?

time management tips - spend your time

Your entrepreneurial job requires many investments from your side. One of these investments besides money and efforts is your own time. More time invested in your company means less time for yourself. The question is how you spend your time on your small business.

When we talk about your investments in the form of money in your company, we can say that this form of investments is in the group of the renewable investments.

You can spend more money in your company today and get more in the future. Or, if you lose the money that you have invested in the company you will find other ways to bring back the same or larger amount of that already invested. Because of that, I see entrepreneurial money investments as renewable investments.

How to Improve Employee Engagement and Relationships

Improve Employee Engagement

There are many different ways that we can motivate and incentivize our employees. But, finding a system that works for everyone might not be that simple. Here we will talk about some strategies to improve employee engagement.

No matter what type of business you have, your most valuable asset is your team of employees. With careful selection, training, motivation, and incentives, your employees can drive your company forward to becoming a success. The most effective way to do this for your company is going to depend on your circumstances. But if you are just starting a new business, you can put things into place right from the start.