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How to Find Hidden Gold in Customer Analytics Data

Gold in Customer Analytics Data

These days, when we are bombarded with different information from different sources, businesses can find hidden gold buried in customer analytics data. Take the case of swimming pool builder Narellan Pools. When Narellan hired a marketing firm to develop a data-based sales strategy, company leaders soon discovered that, periodically, sales conversion rates would spike extraordinarily, only to return to normal after half a week.

Further analysis revealed that the boost in conversion rates correlated with periods when the temperature in any given locale was higher than the daily or monthly average for two or more consecutive days — and then if that heatwave lasted an additional four days.

The Australian pool builder then began to run an online marketing campaign during these peak periods, resulting in lead generation increases of 11 percent and sales surges of 23 percent, with an ROI of more than $40 for each dollar that was spent.

Narellan’s results have been replicated by organizations of all sizes across a wide variety of industries, with Gallup indicating companies that apply customer behavioral insights outperform their counterparts by 85 percent in sales growth and 25 percent in gross margins.

Is your company looking to experience similar results? Here are three ways to start harnessing the power of customer analytics that will help grow your company.

Three Cost-Effective Ways to Attract New Customers Online

attract new customers

When a business is struggling or has failed completely, it’s often not due to the marketplace not wanting to buy its products or services but because prospects don’t even know they exist at all.

For many businesses, advertising and marketing remain a huge concern.

Here, we look at successful and cost-effective strategies for businesses to market their products and attract new customers.

5 Ways to Create Content that Produces Sales

create great content

The ultimate goal of every marketing action you take should be to create more sales and bring in more revenue. So, your content will also need to achieve this goal.

As simple as that sounds, it’s actually fairly easy for entrepreneurs to get distracted by other metrics and points of focus within their marketing strategy. Indeed, given the number of ways you can dissect and analyze marketing performance these days, it’s no wonder that business owners will occasionally lose track of the importance of creating content that generates qualified leads.

With that in mind, today we’re going to concentrate on how you can produce marketing efforts that are, first and foremost, sales-oriented. Here are five ways you can get started:

Why Establishing a Referral Program is a Smart Move For Your Business

create referral program

A number of recent studies found that 92 percent of consumers trust the referrals they receive from people close to them.

Whether you run a local shop or an online startup, finding a way to attract new customers is vital to your growth. One of the best ways to drum up more interest in your products and services is by offering rewards to customers for their referrals.

For most business owners, figuring out how to start a referral program seems like a daunting task. In reality, establishing one of these programs is a lot easier than you think.

Read below to find out why establishing a referral program may be one of the best things you have ever done as a business owner.

How Affiliate Marketing Could Be Key to Your New Venture’s Success

Getting a new business or venture off the ground can feel, in many ways, like a triumph. After months of hard work, researching opportunities, and refining your concept, the fruits of your labor are up and running and out in the big wide world. Affiliate marketing can be key to your new business success.

However, for many start-ups, reaching such a point actually means hard work is only just beginning.

The Benefits of Personalized Stationery for Businesses

The Benefits of Personalized Stationery for Businesses

There are many advantages attached to ordering personalized stationery for your business. Personalized stationery featuring your branding can play a pivotal role in enhancing awareness for your products and services, ensuring your company lingers in minds for a long period of time. Branded stationery gives you the opportunity to make an excellent first impression and show off your professionalism.