Here are the best marketing articles to help you market your business and become an expert marketer.

Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business

going digital marketing

If you already use platforms such as social media and email to reach out to and engage your customers, you will appreciate just how important digital marketing is for any business. Not only is this type of marketing cheaper compared to traditional marketing, but digital marketing is also more straightforward and impactful. A link-building service should always remain a key part of your digital marketing strategy.

Not convinced yet? The following are five reasons you need a strategy, but also follow these digital marketing trends for 2023:

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

mobile friendly website

In case you haven’t noticed, the push towards a mobile-driven world has gained some serious momentum. Like it or not, the culture at large appears to be always on the go, and websites have been forced to accommodate. Even when we are at home, the convenience of a cellphone or tablet at our fingertips seems much more appealing than getting up and going over to a monitor to perform an internet search. If you’re trying to make an online footprint, you need to ensure your web page is mobile friendly.

It’ll be a worthwhile effort that could push you ahead of your competitors, but how do you get started? Fear no more; we’ve built a step-by-step guide you can follow to make sure your site is accessible on mobile platforms. Let’s get started so you can see those click-through rates soar.

The Commercial Craft – Breaking Down the Essentials of Visual Merchandising

visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is a large ingredient in the magic and success of retail trading. In its simplest form, visual merchandising appeals to our sense of aesthetics in order to more successfully market and sell products. There are many ways to achieve this effect for your business – below is a breakdown of a few of the more important and common techniques employed by visual merchandisers.

Word of Mouth in a High Tech World

smartphone technology

“Aargh! It’s all going too fast! I just can’t keep up!”  …If this is you when you read the technology and business news and think about the future of your own business, then don’t fret as it’s not quite as scary as you might think…

Certainly, it’s true that the world is moving along at a cracking pace, and the technology is sometimes absolutely mind-boggling. There’s no doubt that the average man or woman today is not able to get a grasp of the technology that we rely on for our everyday needs in the same way that someone of a couple of centuries ago would.

Brilliant Branding – 5 Innovative Ways to Boost Your Company’s Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or your company is just getting off the ground, boosting your brand awareness is vital. You want your current and future customers to think of you whenever they do anything related to your line of work. No company is too old or too new to benefit from brand awareness, so we’ve included five innovative ways to change your approach to your audience.

5 Key Points of a Successful Small Business Event

business marketing event

Small businesses are easy to establish for any aspiring entrepreneur, leading to the rise in competition in the market. A competitive market may result in a slow growth of the occupation or reduction in costs of the products. Regardless, an entrepreneur can progress through business marketing event, hosting a show, conference or seminar to promote the marketing of products.

For a productive event, there is a need to plan an event that will contribute substantially to the marketing of the items and attract a large number of local customers. Below is how to host a productive small business event and the benefits accompanied: