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The most effective sales articles to help you achieve a new level of mastery in your business sales.

delivering total customer experience

How to Build Total Customer Experience That is Really Remarkable

Your small business will survive only if it has enough customers to buy products and services from you. That’s the fact. But, how you can ensure the survival of your company when the power is in the hands of your customers? One way is to deliver really remarkable total customer experience.

In this post, I want to talk about building remarkable total customer experience in your small business. But, before we proceed with the specific action steps, I like to share one experience on the topic.

total offer and long-term customer relationship

Three Persons That Will Have Influence on Your Sales Team

Your sales team is important for your business. On their performance will depend all your business activities. If they succeed, your business will succeed in increasing income, ensure highest profitability, and implement different investments for the future.

Probably you have already built your sales team. They are the best one for your business currently. But, as everything in your business, your sales team will also need to improve.

When we talk about improvements in your sales team, we can’t escape talking about different influential forces around them excluding you and your business as something normal and usual.

We can list many influential forces around your sales team, but today I want to talk about their most important persons that will heavily influence performance on your sales team.

Let’s start with the first, most important, or most valuable person for your sales team.

sales forecast template

Sales Forecast Template – Updated Version

Forecasting is really complex process in every business. Why complex? Because forecasts are never true and almost always fail. Why?

Can you make sales forecasting that will be as much as possible close to reality?

Back in October 2009, I have published a simple sales forecast template, which can be used for entrepreneurs to better plan their next business activities. Because simply without such forecasting you can’t make your next year’s budget, you can’t know where to be placed your future investments, you can’t know if your business performing according to your plans…

See These Facts Before You Start Selling on Deal Websites

See These Facts Before You Start Selling on Deal Websites

As a small business, you look for many different ways to get the word out about your services and generate business. Many companies use the services of deal websites in order to bring extra customers.

One thing that many small businesses fall victim to is signing up for different deal sites. Most of these deal websites claim that you get to post a discount for your company for free on their site, which will help you gain customers and get revenue; the truth is they do more harm than good. Sites like LivingSocial, Groupon, and other daily deal sites are mainly around to help out consumers, not small businesses. If you are thinking about creating a deal for your business, look at the facts before agreeing to post on these sites.

grow sales funnel - sales improvement

Your Sales Process: How Much Steps It Have?

Often times we simply complicate stuff around us, even if it is unnecessary.

Whether it is a habit, previous experience, or something that automatically you take from other processes, a more complicated business process is not something good for businesses, and you should avoid that.

Simplicity, easiness, and speed are what we need today. So, do not complicate it when you don’t need it. You will improve your life and your customer’s life.

Do you have experience ordering something and when there are requirements for additional steps that you should take in the process required by the vendor?

How to Deal With Angry Customers

How to Deal With Angry Customers

As an entrepreneur, you probably have experience in dealing with angry customers. Sometimes your angry customers are right because of mistakes made by you or your company, but sometimes their irritation is because they are always angry about something or because of other problems they currently have.

How can you deal with the different angry customers?

You probably know that customers are always right. But, in many cases, that can be the wrong approach. Wrong because of you and your time in which you will need to deal with that anger.