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The most effective sales articles to help you achieve a new level of mastery in your business sales.

lead generation process

What’s Your Lead Generation Process in Your Small Business?

A company’s lifeblood is sales, and salespeople need leads to increase sales. The quality of sales leads can be more important than quantity, which is challenging to assess and improve. So, the important question is, what’s your lead generation process?

That makes assessing leads vital to selling more, but what goes into assessing leads? Busy business owners and sales managers can use the Sales Lead Management Association’s sales forecast calculator, and leads required calculator to better understand how much improvement they need to meet sales goals. Then they need to take a good look at their sales team’s lead generation process.

black friday and cyber monday

Learn How the Little Guys Can Earn Big with Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The numbers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday tell a compelling story for any entrepreneur or small business. 2013 total online sales since Thanksgiving were up 26 percent.

PayPal saw a 91 percent increase in sales from PayPal mobile worldwide. eBay Enterprise saw usage and orders grow just under 150 percent. Even if their businesses are not retail, entrepreneurs can capitalize on these retail holidays with a marketing strategy that builds on these seasonal shopping days.

stages of the sales funnel management

Effective Sales Funnel Management

Do you work on effective sales funnel management? This question is more than actual for you as an entrepreneur because your sales funnel is not something that can be set and forgotten if you want to bring you the results that you want to achieve.

As you already know, your sales funnel is an important tool in your pocket simply visualizing how your customers will move through your sales process until they become like a first customers from potential customers and repeat customers who will continue to buy again and again from your company.

delivering total customer experience

How to Build Total Customer Experience That is Really Remarkable

Your small business will survive only if it has enough customers to buy products and services from you. That’s the fact. But, how you can ensure the survival of your company when the power is in the hands of your customers? One way is to deliver really remarkable total customer experience.

In this post, I want to talk about building remarkable total customer experience in your small business. But, before we proceed with the specific action steps, I like to share one experience on the topic.

total offer and long-term customer relationship

Three Persons That Will Have Influence on Your Sales Team

Your sales team is important for your business. On their performance will depend all your business activities. If they succeed, your business will succeed in increasing income, ensure highest profitability, and implement different investments for the future.

Probably you have already built your sales team. They are the best one for your business currently. But, as everything in your business, your sales team will also need to improve.

When we talk about improvements in your sales team, we can’t escape talking about different influential forces around them excluding you and your business as something normal and usual.

We can list many influential forces around your sales team, but today I want to talk about their most important persons that will heavily influence performance on your sales team.

Let’s start with the first, most important, or most valuable person for your sales team.