Are Books on Selling in Your Personal Library

In any industry, the ideal way to learn is through reading, which is true of sales. It is not necessarily about what you are reading but that you read more content as a form of self-development. Ultimately that places you in the top percentile earning income in society as a whole, and that’s by reading merely one book per month; consider if you were to indulge each week.

To (quote) an expert:

“An hour of study per day in a chosen field, perhaps books on selling, takes you to the top of that industry as soon as three years. Maintaining that pace will make you an authority nationwide within five years, and in seven years, you will be solidified as among the best in the world at what you do.”

Reading an hour a day on sales equates to roughly a book a week and perhaps 50 books annually. Over five years, you could rapidly be considered an expert in the industry, with customers seeking you out for the guidance you can provide based on your knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, many representatives in the industry get that concept mixed up. A customer does not want to be sold to. If they read books on selling, they will learn how to approach the customer in a way the client wants to be approached, eventually working out to better sales and a happier audience.

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