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Cybersecurity is a growing concern for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You need to ensure your systems are secure from hackers.

4 Ways to Make Your Employees Secure and Customers Feel Safe

Maintaining a safe and secure workplace is essential for employee and customer satisfaction, but it can take some work. Over one in four burglaries involve businesses, FBI statistics show.

More than four in 10 cyberattacks target small businesses, with the percentage of attacks rising from 34 percent in 2014 to 43 percent in 2015, according to a Symantec report. And two million workers each year are affected by some form of workplace violence, ranging from verbal violence to homicide, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration estimates. When your employees and customers have concerns about safety, it can hurt your workers’ job performance as well as your sales.

Here are four ways you can help your employees and customers feel safe:

How Does Social Media Facilitate the Identity Theft & Fraud

How does Social Media Facilitate the Identity Theft and Fraud?

This article strives to elaborate the various identity theft and fraud risks that a person can counter if he is not wise in securing information on social networks.

When we upload or share something on the social networks so that our friends and acquaintances can get the taste of it, little do we realize that all these can be subjected to theft at some time or the other. This does not mean that we are unaware of information stealth. We only fail to realize that we too can pose victims of this crime.