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Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud hosting: A Comparative Review

dedicated hosting vs shared and cloud

Hosting solutions have become an important part of the overall factors to consider when choosing a web platform as your CMS is only as good as the hosting solution that is powering it. While many people place their focus on the price of hosting, there is the need to avoid overlooking the most critical and important areas that affect the performance of your website. Here we will compare shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting.

A wrong choice of hosting solution may lead to an entirely slow website and also open you up to a variety of security problems such as data loss, breach, and server crash to mention a few.

How Big Data Impacts Inventory Management

big data

Many of us visualize inventory control as the incredibly time-consuming process of counting and noting on a clipboard the items on the shelves in a stockroom, warehouse, or store. But while some smaller businesses still accommodate putting pen to paper, others have too large an inventory to feasibly count each product in storage on a regular basis.

Indeed, manual inventory management is becoming more and more obsolete as big data continues to make large amounts of information available to everyone, not just the Fortune 500 companies in the world. Take a look at how big data influences the way businesses of all sizes to take control of their inventory:

How Is Automation Facilitating Exponential Growth For Start-ups?

automation help

Automation is the new normal. Yes, you heard that right. Automation helps you derive more out of each passing moment. Today, companies cannot think of prospering without adequate automation tools. Right from salary and leave calculation to filing tax returns, automation makes life simpler and convenient. Today, the likes of Amazon have automated warehouses. In-built automation systems keep track of the products coming in and going out.

The likes of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you listen to what your customers are saying. It helps you get in touch with your customers across a host of channels such as social networks, emails, mobile, and web. Every single thing is integrated. It’s a small-small world.

How to Use Auditing Governance to Reduce the Risk of Data Breach

auditing governance plan

As cybersecurity continues to become a key focus in many different organizations, the role of auditing governance within this field is also expanding. Auditing governance ensures that the entire company remains compliant with relevant government and industry standards. Proper governance is also fundamental to creating and monitoring risk management plans.

By combining the need for cybersecurity with appropriate rules, processes, and practices, your company will be able to develop and maintain a secure data environment. Indeed, data security requires the involvement of all stakeholders. When senior executives, employees, investors, and vendors are all on board, you’ll be able to establish internal controls that reduce the risk of data breaches.

5 Things To Look For In Field Services Software

field services software 

Field services software is essential in this day and age. If you are in the business of having technicians and operatives working in the field then keeping both you and them updated, informed and prepared cannot be underestimated.

So what should you look for in field services software, you really need to be aware of the great advantages you should be gaining and what to check for when choosing the best software for your needs.

4 Main Considerations When Choosing an IT Consultant for Your Business

IT consulting company

Many factors predict business decisions which can affect the source of revenue in your company. One of these decisions is choosing a consultant to assist you with future projects, IT selections, etc. First, you need to acknowledge why you need the services of an IT consultant.

Information technology functions or issues do not fall into everyone’s area of expertise. That’s why selecting an IT consulting company to assist you with IT can be an asset to your company if you know what you should be looking for. But it can be quite a difficult task for small business owners to choose the right IT consultant firm to assist them.

The biggest obstacle is that most business owners are not acquainted with the role of IT in their business. Also, the dynamics of the IT industry can be unpredictable. If you would like your business to benefit from the most up-to-date innovation, it is essential to engage the right IT consulting company.